Krystal and Saagar: Scores of Indian, Chinese troops KILLED after brutal hand to hand combat

Krystal and Saagar discuss a bloody brawl that occurred late Monday night along a disputed border between India and China.

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  1. So let me get this straight,
    Both India AND China have nuclear weapons, China dwarfs India in terms of number of nuclear weapons AND military might.But they are using stones and sticks.
    What a stupid bullshit story.

    What's next,
    They are going to fight using a computer and whoever loses, agrees to have a certain amount of actual soldiers walk into gas chambers based on a computer determined number of casualties like in the Star Trek episode "A Taste of Armageddon"

  2. The Chinese seem completely incapable of making friends.
    US, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, Taiwan, Singapore……. it must be a result of the centuries of isolation and their belief in racial superiority.

  3. It is crazy that the world's two largest populations are fighting each other and no one is really talking about it. They could have a World War without anyone else being involved. SMH

  4. They were using stone age weapons in a minor show of force. Since both nations have nuclear weapons, is that progress? Hopefully, brawls like this will not escalate to more serious altercations.

  5. I bet china would run away if the indians took off their clothes, or gave em a peck on the cheek when they are chest to chest pushing each other.

  6. The 20 indian soldiers died after trying to run away like cowards. If you read reports they died running off cliffs, freezing. And now we have biased reporting. See how saagar defends India and bigs them up. Please.

  7. That pile of rocks in that area must have some newly discovered mineral wealth – hence the road and hence the escalation. Otherwise, it should be, "meh"

  8. India is the worlds largest democracy which is multi religions multi ethics minorities. India knows what Chyna did to Tibet. China is using crisis with COVID-19 to expand its borders even in the shop trying to sea. I bet you the Chinese people don’t even know this happened they only got their propaganda from the CCP.

  9. If there's a tinderbox, the US will light the match. It's a perfect setup to use India against the new enemy, China. Ask Pompeo.

  10. These guys don't have enough information to comment. They seem to downplay the bully tactics of China.

    Btw they seem to forget that China has illegally occupied Tibet. So India shares a border with Tibet which is illegally occupied China.

  11. China has territorial problems with every country in South eastern Asia , every country.
    If war is started it maybe bye bye china for ever.

  12. 5:40 Sagaar mis-characterises what's happening in China. Yes, Beijing has gone back into a semi-lock-down*. There is no domestic push-back. People won't go hungry. There will be no hysteria – no selfish rush to buy rice or toilet paper. The people have confidence in their government to do the right thing … without political calculation, without consideration to big corporate demands. The US will never understand. The US can only make sense through the lens of their own selfish, individualistic, partisan, imperialistic responses.

    * Should mention that the only change to daily life in Beijing is that the schools have been closed again and a relatively small part of a very large city has been closed. Let's see a US city try that again when their second wave hits. They'll have all manner of bogus reasons for NOT doing it. Lies and deception have ruled out any chance of a cooperative response from an always-fragile, medicated citizenry.

  13. Seriously, two the world major nuclear powers actually fighting a battle with stick and stones in this day and age? If this isn't real life foreshadowing than it don't know what is.

  14. The reason CCP and Winnie the Flu is not disclosing the number of casualties to save face, more than 40 CCP soldiers were killed and they brought in martial artists for this particular incident as it was an ambush after senior military-level talks both sides agreed to retreat and remove any establishments from disputed area Indian side removed it as agreement but CCP still had a couple of tents in the area and when 2 Indian soldiers went to CCP army bunker to ask them to demolish bunkers they had built on disputed land they were attacked and the whole thing escalated. It was CCP's ulterior motive to start the fight which is why they were prepared with barbed wired wooden clubs and brought Kung flu fighters along the borders.