Krystal and Saagar: White House LIED About Hunter Biden’s ‘Anonymous’ Corrupt Art Sales

Krystal and Saagar discuss the White House’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s corrupt art sales

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  1. Just for once could just stick to the topic at hand. Hunter Biden is grifting for his family. Trump did a lot of bad stuff, so did his family, you talked about it at the time endlessly. Why must you bring Trump back up, he is no longer the president, he lost, he’s a private citizen. Enough already!

  2. Remember the Italian artist that sold the Invisible Sculpture ? THATS what Hunter should do, Plagiarize and sell the Invisible Sculpture for tens of milions 🙂 His dad is good at plagiarizing others speeches, like father like son ! The prospective buyers don't really want the art anyway so win win !

  3. The thing about this situation is that Hunter Biden is not a government official and can do whatever he wants as long as it is legal. Even though Hunter is a clear grifter, you can't handcuff the relatives of politicians from living their lives if they don't have an official role. Trump didn't even put his business into a blind trust and hired his relatives who were still running their businesses and used their positions to get deals with foreign governments. This is like jaywalking compared to what Trump did. If you think this WH isn't going to let the president's private citizen son make money in private art sales when the previous administration got away with illegal activities, you haven't been paying attention. You have to go after the worst offenders first before you get any politician in this country to go squeaky clean on their own.

    At least Biden is trying to make it look like he is discouraging people from trying to bribe him by buying his son's art. Trump and co advertised their own products from the WH.

  4. There are a thousand ways to buy favor with the administration this is so obviously a distraction. It's obviously unethical and ridiculous but cmon they can get these people money any way they want

  5. What’s more American than this… people in power getting wealthier whole in office… and you have idiots arguing between Red and Blue…