Krystal and Saagar: White House PUT ON SPOT, ‘Is Lab Leak A Crank Theory’

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s comments on the “lab leak theory” investigation.

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  1. I highly doubt Biden is even involved in any "talks". At this point he's just a puppet. I just wonder who's hand is up that arse.

  2. Yeah Trump made outlandish claims, such as the virus came from China, and it likely came from a level four lab that was working on exactly the type of virus. Totally crazy, Crystal you’re on it this.

  3. Do you really think Joe Biden would be objective on this theory? The Chinese communist party gave his son $1.5 billion to “invest”for them.

  4. Why ???? Wouldn't anybody and everybody Want to Know how this happened !!! Either corruption or Biden is the most inept person in America

  5. The only reason it can die down is because the cowardly news media won't continue to press the issue. They let their golden boy off the hook

  6. The Indians understand China much better than you Americans. They are convinced that the virus was released deliberately. They are really pushing back against China.

  7. Notice the plunging neckline and the slightest bit of what appears to be gross cleavage.
    This is a first..
    Terrible attempt at distraction… and again, gross. Is full on lingerie next? It would fit the agenda..
    Ps. Psaki Psucks !!

  8. The Biden administration has a problem. They can always control the brain dead democrat base (I mean who can’t) but this has expanded way past that. Truth is coming to light. Maybe Biden is afraid the bribe money will be exposed too

  9. Psaki got much praise for the first two days, then people remembered what her job is: Spinning things to make the administration look good. It's always been the case, but the Press Secretaries working for Trump were so egregious that everyone started to pay attention to them and now they listen to this one too, and they don't like her as much as they've hoped.
    C.J. Cregg on West Wing was a character, Psaki is the real deal, she's not your friend, she doesn't work for the people, she says what Biden and Ron Klain tell her to say.

  10. Who cares? So long as I know what flavor ice cream the President prefers and what toppings he orders on his pizza I'm happy. ?

  11. For of one not like Jen to much bs for me of one like Maria from Russia it's all about truth
    Ty for sharing Krystal n Saagar excellence show ya the team rising doing an awesome job ya peace as we fight hate love all ??❤3

  12. Joe Biden must give him a Noble Prize for Destroying America and the Americans People Families.

    Corruption, Corruption, Corruption.
    is with
    Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxim Waters, and Democrats Officials.

  13. I pity Psaki because she has the absolute worst job on Earth. Paid to constantly humiliate herself while journos ask questions with obvious answers that she has to contort into ridiculous pretzels to dodge, and if she doesn't, she'll be replaced by someone who does.