Krystal and Saagar: Whitmer Kidnapping Plot REVEALED AS A COMPLETE FBI SETUP

Krystal and Saagar go over the evidence confirming that the FBI completely set up the Gov. Whitmer kidnapping plot

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  1. And so was the Capital so called “insurrection”. It was a honey pot!!! The proud boys were led by FBI informant and agents the other right wing groups were also led by FBI informant and agents.

  2. Were they informants? Or agents? If they are informants it's probably because they got them already doing something illegal. If it's agents that's horrible. If it's informants, less bad.

  3. We are back to the days of sociopaths at the FBI like J. Edgar Hoover and Roy Cohn that were out of control with their own sense of power. Ruining lies and Losers given badges. It takes a criminal to catch a criminal is the excuse.

  4. Krystal has some serious issues calling things what they are. As well as her serious case of TDS. It’s pretty cringe. Saagar is the only one on this show with any serious bipartisan input. Krystal still talks like she’s bought out by The Hill and takes a half jab every now and then to make you think she’s not lmao

  5. Portland's "Christmas Bomber" in jail for life. The FBI began working with him when he was 16, got him to push a button on a phone 2 1/2 yrs. later. The oily FBI informant in court was the sleaziest creep imaginable – but the hype on Terror got a conviction. The kid's now in his late 20's.

  6. The timeline is disturbing as well. ? That is right before the election… This adjusts opinions right before an election people read the headlines of these “Right Wing” Trump supporters. ?‍♂️

  7. all im saying is you wouldnt blame a groomed minor for performing sexual acts on an adult, and these delusional children are groomed with much better “evidence” and are given much better “intent” and “motive”

  8. Drug laws help law enforcement careers too. It's so easy to say, "I heard a noise in the house, so I forced entry and found drugs." Easy prosecutions too. So the notches on careerist law enforcement add up to promotions.

  9. And as I've been saying for some time now what makes you think the FBI was not instigating the capital riots to discredit Donald Trump's allegations of voter fraud !. There's never been a populous movement in this country that the FBI has not infiltrated and radicalized !. To discredit it !. The FBI is to domestic issues what the CIA is to international issues !.

  10. Jeez. Sounds like the, decade long, special agent informant must've taken the same 'abuse moves class' as my ex.

    It's a damn disgustingly vile shame, that our systems allow these abusers to thrive or get away with barely a slap on the wrist.

    Meanwhile, smoke some grass to manage stress, pain,medical conditions and it's all "lock em up!"

    ???I'm ashamed to be an American,
    Where only some are free….?
    This just popped into my head, in the melody of ' proud to be an american'

  11. Why are we still calling them informants?
    From everything we learned so far they have orchestrated, provided and funded most plot.
    Nothing would have happened without them pushing it.