Krystal and Saagar: Workers REVOLT Against Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

Krystal and Saagar break down the opposition to Biden’s vaccine mandate shown by union workers

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  1. Once again, this vaccine hysteria is pushing the people into new territory. A veiled attempt to rob more liberties from the common person. The vaccine doesn’t even work. Already there are rumblings at the top about booster vaccines and a third vaccine. These so called leaders are paving a road to nowhere.

  2. So Americans have a constitutionally protected right to infect other people? I would like to see the case law that supports that claim.

  3. Krystal and Saagar, I have been a faithful viewer since you had 50k subscribers at The Hill. I have always enjoyed your commentaries and have appreciated your hard work. However, when it comes to this vaccine discussion you are so off the mark that I feel compelled to comment and offer some elucidations on the matter.
    Saagar, France has had a Constitution since October 4th, 1958 and it is known as as the Fifth Constitution of the Republic. So before stating that they don't have one, I suggest you do some research.
    As someone who is well travelled and quite knowledgable about what is happening in the world, the US is not so much of a "free country" as you have stated. It is an illusion that sadly has been permanently embedded in the mindset of so many, but when you are not allowed to dissent from the "narrative being propagandized by those in power" , when censorship is becoming more and more insidious and when the power to divulge information is controlled by a selected few, freedom went out the door a while a go.
    As to the the va((ine argument, it has absolutely nothing to do with politics, right or left, or economic status and the fact that your are trying to continuously push this narrative is quite naive on your part. Those who choose to not join the bandwagon are making this choice because, perhaps, they are better informed about it. You should do some research as to the resistance movement happening all over Europe because the data that is coming out from very reputable scientists and doctors is telling a whole different story as to the actual inefficacy of this serum, its' incredible toxicity as well as the very inexpensive protocols available to cure it quickly. When governments, drug companies, hospitals, doctors and employers are not liable for any and all damage incurred by taking this unapproved drug which was rushed into market and being forced upon people in such a despotic tyrannical way……doesn't that make you question things?

  4. I just can’t understand why people can't see through this criminal fraud. When was the last time the Federal Government gave a rat’s ass about the American People?

  5. the whole free country argument really falls short for me… Old people and immunocompromised people aren't relegated to hospitals n stuff. They go to the park and work out at the gym like the rest of us?? I'd say that the vaccine is really an enabler of freedom and a system that doesn't priorize that freedom for all is just a cutthroat place where greed and selfish values take over…

  6. You're going to be hard pressed to find anyone whose political ideas have any sway on whether or not they want to be healthy. So AS SOON as this became intertwined with politics it completely undermined the entire conversation. Now it's a big fat rat's nest and it's almost impossible to untangle real information from politically driven interpretations. And all the censorship has just made it worse.

  7. My body, my choice. The federal government has had DISASTEROUS response to this pandemic, with both Trump and Biden equally ignorant, dangerous and pathetic. We should have been doing EVERYTHING the complete opposite of what has been done. EARLY treatment should have been the mantra, reducing viral loads EARLY (we DO know how to do this), treating inflammation EARLY (we DO know how to do this) and allowing the healthy to get the virus and have the benefit of the long-term and durable protection and the accompanying long-term societal protection that results. Just protect the vulnerable, and let everyone else have sick leave, hand out the very safe and effective ivermectin preventative and early treatments. We would have been already OVER with this pandemic if we had been allowed to take this path. But it wouldn’t have made a few people tons richer, and it wouldn’t have given everything to the pharmafia, so we weren’t allowed. The world pays a VERY heavy price for the corrupt, unscientific and blatantly continually inept government response.

  8. Trump pushed operation warp speed and got the vaccine himself. Not sure why his followers don’t follow suit and just get vaccinated. Not being vaxxed just prolongs this stupid pandemic.

  9. Instead of just letting people make their own choice we'll just bribe them or force them to do what we want. This what your trying to pass off as freedom now? They're literally trying to force people into a corner and your like "it's ok, just get the jab". It's not like the mask mandate is coming back or folks who got the jab still can't get sick and spread it.

  10. Republicans this, Trump that, this sounds like CNN. This isn't a right/left issue. Look at the Texas Democrats coming down with the virus in the biggest Democrat controlled city in the US.

  11. The amount of censoring, propaganda and flat out force they are applying to questionably effective vaccines should be a turn off. They’ve bet too hard on these vaccines and can’t give an inch IF they are wrong.

  12. Love that you guys are not into divisive reporting, but you're keeping up this illusion that 'pro-trumpers' are anti-vaccine, while libs are pro-vaccine-mandate. It's false and divisive.

  13. The point is to divide the nation through the vaccine. That's why you have a bunch of nuts like Alex Jones pushing hard against it. Not all people who refuse to take the vaccine are KKK skinheads.