Krystal considers the possibility of nuclear war given the hawkish rhetoric coming from politicians and influential journalists in DC and the nihilism from the Russians whose backs are against the wall

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Skanda Amarnath:

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  1. Lindsay Graham is oh so ready to sent your youth off to war. A longtime Warhawk yet personal coward he should just shut the hell up and find himself a younger man and retire. A despicable excuse for a human whose only redeeming factor is that he never reproduced and will someday die .

  2. FFS, Putin has made speeches over the years warning us about planting missiles on his border he has been claiming we are forcing his country to adopt a first strike policy If I have heard these speeches then so have you. I ain't no bloody genius yet I have been waiting for this to happen Putin wasn't gonna put up with our shit forever. If the PPL of the USA had any brains Lyndsy and his idiot cohorts would be shot behind some derelict building. The culture of violence in the USA has gotten out of hand.

  3. Yes, so stop taking sides. We ALL lose if this escalates. Putin is not a madman, he's rational, he's reasonable even. His demands are not beyond reason. Why would he want Nazis on his border given the history? And the Ukraine has Nazis, a lot of Nazis.

  4. The nuclear option has existed only for 75 years. And look how many times we got close to the nuclear holocaust within a single lifetime.

    How could we possibly avoid the big one within just a couple of centuries? Within a millennia?

    Societies change dramatically within decades, in every possible direction, rarely the most rational.

    The only chance for humanity is to find a way to completely ban nuclear weapons, and do everything that is possible to make it a big red line: A red line that anyone suspected to cross would be immediately prevented by the rest of the world to go any further.

    Utopia? Totally. Yet it's our only chance.

  5. YT just took down the truckers peoples convoy live stream—the
    vid went black with this: "This video has been removed for violating
    YouTube's Community Guidelines" Just before it went down, they were
    chanting "lock them up" about the C19 string masters

  6. Krystal, I won't criticize your warning about how horrible nuclear war would be. However, you seem to think that it was Biden and the West who have been putting their finger on the nuclear button while the poor Russians and Mr Putin is cowering in a corner in fear. The truth, which you have reported, is the complete opposite to your opinions. It was Putin who put his nuclear forces on alert (not Biden), it was Putin who invaded his "brother nation" (not Biden), caused by Putin's warped belief that Ukraine should not exist as a country (not NATO expansion). The West had acted with restraint and yet you and the Russians are demanding more compromises, at the threat of nuclear holocaust. The more I watch your show, the more I think that you and Saagar are actually taking Russia's side and just not honest enough to admit it. At least RT is honest about where they stand. Currently, it is Putin who is threatening nuclear war, who is bombing civilians. What do you want the world to do? Give him more money to buy more bombs? Abandon NATO allies so that Russian tanks roll onto Germany like 1945? Please, tell us.

  7. I dont think its sleep walking, I think greedy elitists think they are invulnerable, that missiles can't touch them, etc. I think Defense Corps owned politicians needs a sit down with the Joint Chiefs who seem to be the only almost sane ones saying "hold on a minute!" and maybe a slap in the face with how they too are mortal.

  8. Ukraine is not our war. Gen Y, Millennials and Gen Z, don't make this your Gulf War. We Gen X'ers made the mistake of the Gulf War after being told not to make it our Viet Nam. Let it go. Let God sort it out. If Ukraine fails, it's not our fault or business.

  9. Why not finish the job? Ya sent millions of jobs overseas, spent trillions on pointless wars, flooded the country with opiates, let the banks steal everyone's houses, forced small business to fail. Lately there's talk of camps and freedom of speech being a problem, frankly this might be the only solution. Let the mutants of tomorrow build a better society for all.

  10. Imagine playing a lottery where you have a 0.1% chance of dying after being tortured and having your image publicly destroyed, your loved ones spitting on you and then dying. Or you immediately continue living life as normal. Would you buy a ticket?

  11. I don't want to see another phoney JCPOA enacted, pallets of US Dollars stolen from Americans and nephariously given to an Iranian regime, and a bunch more lies told to convince people why it would be really good for us. Please stop spewing such propaganda.

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