Krystal Ball: Biden ABANDONS Public Option At WORST Possible Time

Krystal Ball explains the long-term financial effects of coronavirus on Americans.

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  1. Medicare for all? NO! Raise minimum wage? F NO! Fund a war make some brand new devastating and destructive weapons in about 1 day or so? APPROVED and please make sure we print about 70 more billion that goes towards war efforts and human misery ?????

  2. You just can't get news analysis like this anywhere else. Nothing says we're back to normal like this piece on Covid-19 and the corporatocracy. This country is in a serious downward spiral.

  3. Americans pay a Copayment that is what in other countries doctors charge for the whole service.
    In effect, these insurance corporations shouldn't even exist.

  4. So let me get this straight the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States is medical bills the third leading cause of death is pharmaceuticals but you trust what they told us on TV that was basically controlled by the pharmaceutical companies and the medical bureaucracy and you believed them, WOW

  5. The public option was, figuratively, applying a band-aid to a gunshot wound. Now, even that's gone by the wayside, during one of the worst pandemics since the "Spanish flu" in 1918. It's looks like the Democrats are going to get hammered in the midterms. The Republicans might even get veto proof majorities in the House and Senate. And the Democrats will blame everybody and everything but themselves. Hello more Russiagate.

  6. Joe Biden is a liar like all politicians,he will not lower medicare age because he cant get no donor money from medicare, he rather waste money on cobra and obamacare because he gets donor money for it

  7. The billionaires are the problem, they pass out donor money to the politicians and the media to keep the middleclass from getting affordable health care.

  8. Too much profit and not enough healthcare. Free Healthcare for all Americans. We have the worst Healthcare system on the planet.

  9. I knew he was lying in 2019. Also, no one has a clue what the "public option" design would be. The Progressive outrage is tiring and seems like theatre at this point. Lol. The best you'll get from President Biden is a permanent extension of the expanded marketplace subsidies.

  10. why does anyone listen to this msm? Yall know they are msm… They get paid the same a cbs and nbc… The Shill is all about click bait titles and click bait reports. Not real journalism. STOP FOLLOWING YOU SHEEEPLE

  11. Clinton and Obama both reneged on their main campaign promises in their first 6 months. It’s what neoliberals do. They wouldn’t be able to pass public option but it’s clear they were lying about that the whole time so why even pretend? Now we know with certainty the Democrats will lose the House and Senate both next year because they aren’t gonna do anything at all now that they passed their meager Covid relief bill. They aren’t even gonna try and make sure the unemployed in Republican controlled states get their plus up. They don’t care. And they don’t care because they’re moderate Republicans. They control the Democratic Party. That’s why there aren’t anymore moderate Republicans anymore. They took over the Democrats.

  12. I love watching the hill but just once I'd appreciate it if the YouTube algorithm got the hint that I'm trynna catch up on Kyle kulinskis show instead of immediately redirecting me back to the hill

  13. Biden abandoned the public option two days after he was in office . Obama abandoned it between two and three weeks after his election. It is not going to happen, it is established campaign rhetoric with no legislation EVER introduced. In Biden's approximately forty years of public office, what does his legislation, legislation he supported, and committee statements support? Service to the people or service to the corporations, banks (he loves the banks), and the billionaires? Who does he serve? What is in his legislation? What is in his budget? Now repugs are talking about pay being too HIGH ( not theirs). The intent of our government is to control the population for the benefit of Wallstreet, thus themselves. That's it, not complicated. We are a labor force. Anyone who does not labor for the corporations for whatever terms the corporations demand, which is as close to nothing as they can get, is expendable. Any drawing on taxpayer funds for the benefit of the actual taxpayers is to be stopped, less profit. Greed has no limit, and greed is the only value. America.

  14. so the government funded covid development , then , they wont help the with the damages from covid.. not surprised.. I was all over the place leaving comments last yr that covid treatment wouldnt NOT be free , everyone said it would be and lambasted me as a trump nut

  15. Imagine if we Americans were able to immigrate to other countries easily. I bet there would be a MASS EXODUS from this country.