Krystal Ball: Biden BAFFLED By Polls As Dems REFUSE to Govern

Krystal details the lack of action by Biden in the gun control debate and the economic problems facing the nation as he lacks any understanding to why he is cratering in the polls and Dems refuse to govern

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Kristin Eberhard:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. What in the hell is she talking about! The Democrats have an agenda and it's called "Identity Politics". I guess Crystal didn't notice all the "identity" boxes Biden was checking when he was sourcing his administration or all the executive order to go with it.

  2. He’s overtly senile. Can we please stop dancing around this? He’s far worse than Reagan was in his 2nd term. It took 5 years after the presidency for Reagan to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. How long until Biden gets a diagnosis?

  3. The left are trying to shove their curriculum down children’s throats, not the right lol. The right has their issues for sure but weird one to choose, Krystal.

  4. By becoming President Biden achieved everything he ever dreamed of as a politician, you would think that someone would take this as an opportunity to finally create the change you spend years of talking about, but not Joe Biden being a nice guy in the Oval Office all he ever dreamed of.

  5. YOU PROPPED BIDEN UP!!!! What are you talking about??. As if you didn't know what Biden was all about. Campaigning on NOTHING, hiding in his basement, talking to 12 people on a McDonald's parking lot. BOO!!! Krystal Ball, BOO!!!!

  6. The ONLY reason he was elected was to get past Trump. He has NO other redeeming value. In fact, he has turned out to be worse than Trump, just in different ways. Both were/are blabbering mumbling idiots that we are stuck with. Biden picks for cabinet positions are atrocious. The DNC party is complete trash. Both are TBH, but more so the DNC, which is nothing short of a dumpster fire.

  7. Hold on here,how is the republican world view any different than progressive democrats?? Dems are beholden to rich people and corporations. Just ask newsom. Pushing their "ideology and way of life" only people doing that is the pronoun police of the leftwing. Ya know,the ones that want to press legal charges on middle school kids for not using the correct pronouns? Republicans have their issues,but they aren't their trying to literally police every word coming out of your mouth

  8. Steve Bannon called it when he said the goal was to "kill Biden's presidency in the crib". Thed did, at the very outset with the denial of Biden's victory, and that explains his ineffectiveness.

  9. I don’t want to hear Crystal Ball telling us to vote for Democrats anymore. This program needs to start pushing for a third-party. I was an initial donor to this news station and I want to see some bold statements. Enough of the do nothing Democrats. Let’s start pushing towards a third-party.

  10. @3:50– The Dems want to govern. They want the status quo. They want the donor money pipeline intact. All factors considered, Dems are better at running the government: day-to-day governmental operations. Republicans have made their agenda to tear down & defund government (except the military, police, and fire). This presents a dilemma: Democratic voters with any assets figure "well, I'd better vote anti-Republican. At least the Dems aren't trying to tear down every government institution there is." We need a third option: a people's party. We must convince a critical mass of voters that they have interests in common: public financing of elections, dealing with the climate crisis, taxing the rich, etc.

  11. Many like myself are tired of all you news outlets making this about left or right. I guess you will sell it as long as there are a few who still buy into it. This is about the creation of an 'Elite Class' that puts itself very high above the rest of us swine. The abuse is staggering to observe.

  12. Media should actively work to shape our opinions Krystal? That’s a bit self serving and objectively false. That’s why Dems are going down. You want to control my issues instead of solving my problems.

  13. Vermont has alot of guns no problem in Vermont because Sanders banned military weapons in Vermont years ago Bernie Sanders put alot of mental health care in Vermont years ago

  14. Brandon is like the mut who spends his life chasing cars but when he finally catches one he suddenly realised he is too stupid to drive it.

    So he just sits there lacking himself and barking at everyone.

  15. At the federal level, bump stocks are already banned and were reclassified as machine guns at the request of Donald Trump.

    Think about that , Donald Trump did more about gun control than Biden

  16. This is what happens when you get Brainwashed by the Washington establishment! How is it in 2022 we have an administration that's literally anti American? People are literally living paycheck to paycheck and can't afford food and gas to get to work!! We have a DHS secretary letting people into our country thousands a day and we can't even afford to feed our own kids? We're sending 40 billion dollars to Ukraine to do what?? Are you kidding me?? This is Democratic" Governing" Krystal!!

  17. Democracy functions best with a Diversity of Perspectives and Voices; if the American Population doesn't want Gun Control, or trust Congress to Enact it, why not have a meaningful, Voter-led Conversation on Gun Safety instead of forcing a shoddy solution through knee-jerk Legislation?

  18. Biden may simply be too old to understand the concept of action. We can all agree that certain crazy people should not be allowed anywhere near firearm or a knife or a car for that matter! The problem is how to identify these people. I would suggest that if a mental health professional a judge and a family member can all agree to the "no-buy" list, then they should be placed on this! Of course, there should be a way to appeal this for the individual!

  19. The real problem is big government period. Anyone who accepts it will suffer moreover all will suffer, So quizzing yourself over what they should do is insane its what do you do and will do to succeed in a period of history that you will live through, Do not waste your life waiting on anything or anyone but your faith family and freedoms, that is it everything else is unimportant.

  20. Krystal amazing bs dialog you are truly a Dem apparatchic mouthpiece. Someone swipes you on then off. Are you hoping to get even more rich by accepting a PR talking head job with DNC? YALL won why you losing your mind?

  21. Krystal, you crack me up. Democrats are great at over governing. The public school system, public transportation vs. developing efficient road systems, medicare for all, etc………. Are just some of the things that impact everyone's lives and that Democrats want to push down everyone's throats… Biden just doesn't have the mental capacity (maybe never did) to push through big ideas or provide a good explanation to a majority of Americans to move forward with some of those things…

  22. Wow! That was the whiniest rant I've heard from Crystal in a long time. So let me break it down to basically what she said.
    First she trashed Republicans and their ideology but said they'll fight tooth and nail to get stuff done and are actually willing to govern. Thank you Crystal you may not agree with the Conservative Republican ideology but at least you acknowledge that we fight for what we believe in and are willing to govern. That is quite important and telling and we'll get back to that later.
    Secondly, Crystal goes on a extraordinary rant bemoaning the state of the democratic party all the way back to Bill and Hillary Clinton when they basically destroyed the Democratic party and left all their ideals by the wayside for the pursuit of re-election and power and that's it. She also states that Democrats from what I get, from what she said don't actually care enough about their ideology to work for it, she even said they aren't willing to govern. All they are willing to do is hope for the future and expect the changing demographics to rise their tide and keep them in power, again her words. They are not willing to actually govern.
    Regardless of your ideology, whether you agree with a conservative or a liberal at least acknowledge the fact that the Conservative Republican, versus the liberal Democrat is willing to actually govern this country, and fight for what they believe in.
    We Republican conservatives have been saying this for decades that the liberal Democrats don't actually want to lead or to govern they just want power to control and create an authoritarian socialist society in which everyone is dependent upon their power and their control.
    I just want to say thank you Crystal, for going off on your rant because everything you said was true. Even the part where you don't like or agree with the Republicans or conservatives worldview or ideology you acknowledge that they are leaders that they fight for their ideology and that they are willing to govern and honestly that is all you should need to know. That is the only reason you should vote for the Republicans whether you believe in our ideology or not it's better to be lead by a group that believes in the Constitution first and foremost like in your rant where you talked about getting judges lined up, the conservative lined up all their judges based upon whether they were constitutionalists or not, and I would rather have a judge that is a strict constitutionalist then a political hack trying to influence Society through their warped ideology and create law rather than interpret law.
    Crystal, again I want to give you a deep thank you from the bottom of my heart for that rant because what you said about the Democrats since Bill Clinton is spot-on. They have abandoned any actual liberal ideology and have become neoliberal warmongering corporate politicians who care only about getting re-elected and power and actually not getting anything done or governing. Why in the world would anybody continue to vote for these people, they're tricksters, hacks, liars and deceivers, all they care about is their money and their power and they do not give to squat about the Constitution which they consider like a paper towel that they can just crumple-up and throw away when it gets in their path.
    For the third time Crystal I will say thank you we should use your rant as the greatest advertisement for why one should never vote for a Democrat and why they should always vote for a Republican. Because those who do not wish to lead and only game Power should never be allowed to do either. You may not agree with a conservative ideology but at least conservatives are consistent and will fight tooth and nail, albeit sometimes slowly, sometimes meandering to where they want to be and sometimes they give up a little bit more than they should but their ultimate goal is to govern this country and try their best to actually make this country better in the long run.
    That was an amazing rant and as I said just a moment ago it should be used as a campaign ad for the conservatives and Republicans and should be a wake-up call to all Democrats and liberals as to what their party actually does not stand for, their constituents, but what they really stand for is simply money and power!!!

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