Krystal Ball: Biden CAVES to Pharma Greed, BLOCKS Vaccine Recipe Release

Krystal breaks down how Biden has caved to big pharma in order to prevent the release of the vaccine formula to poor nations for them to develop similar vaccines

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  1. Salk actually cared about getting rid of polio, and showed it by not patenting his vaccine. So much for the US government trying to get a handle on big pharma and reducing prescription costs.

  2. It’s misleading to say Moderna was a small startup at the beginning of the pandemic. They raised something close or exceeding $1B in funding to get it to a stage where it was ready to ramp up for COVID-19. A lot of the pre-COVID funding was private.

  3. You are right Krystal, but I really want to save the poor from the vax side effects, send them Vit D, Vit C, Ivermectin, Quercetin and Zinc instead. They will not be harmed by the Clot Shots, they will treat their COVID safe and effectively, and they will develop their own robust, long lasting, natural immunity. Yahoo!

  4. Joey Biden is "serving" the pharmaceutical companies and "their" profits!!

    Mr President…. what about us the US public who elected you to help "us" …..not the big pharmaceutical manufacturers!!

    We the people need you Joe……. where are you…..??

    You are serving pharma……NOT US ….!!!
    You suck joey….!!

  5. Entrusting your health to companies like Modern and Pfizer with a history of criminal activity is fascinating. Look up Pfizer lawsuits and you will be amazed. Look up number of FDA approved drugs that get called back each year and you will be dumbfounded.

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