Krystal Ball: Bill Gates and Greedy Pharma Companies Create FOREVER PANDEMIC

Krystal goes through the Gates money and pharmaceutical company profiteering that has created a situation where the coronavirus pandemic and all of its policies seem to go on forever

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  1. Many of us knew this over a year ago, but still glad the rest of you are catching on now. Hopefully the people that new this long ago won't be ridiculed and called conspiracy theorists anymore.

  2. President Donald Trump, was the first president to file suit against a pharmaceutical company, demanding royalty payments from Giliead Labs, the HIV medication that they sell in the USA, was actually invented by the CDC.
    My understanding in the united states in the United States government pays Gilead labs, $4,000 per month per person for that medication.
    The WHO had Gilead Labs allowed China to make that drug generic for the rest of the world for very tiny cost.
    It wasn't until the late 90s that Red Cross tested blood for hepatitis C, the Red Cross gave millions of people Hep C, many veterans of the Vietnam or anyone that got surgeries and needed blood.
    For most people that cantract Hep C, that did not get it from sharing heroin needles or cocaine straws.
    As long as they did not abuse their bodies it takes about 30 years before it affects the liver.
    Gilead labs, sat on that cure until 2014. Charging $160,000 for that medication in the USA.
    Gilead labs, also has a total cure for HIV that you won't see until the government makes them, in their eyes why should day at $4,000 a month per person.
    Remember Bill Gates sending 80 million dollars worth of mosquito Nets to Africa. The African people, most of them were used to getting the fevers that would kill us, so they didn't cover themselves with the mosquito Nets they use them to fish.
    They were not only depleting the tilapia fishery the mosquito Nets had a chemical that was poisoning the water.
    They said Mr Gates thank you very much please don't send any more of those Nets.
    Around 2016 we all heard Bill Gates making some speech and no one quite understood what he was talking about.
    He was talking about the world being overpopulated and he said we could take care of that with medication, no-one knows what he meant by that.
    I have friends from Sierra Leone they have very little of the virus and he said not only their country but most countries in Africa are looking at covid as what it is another flu.
    I was just in Johns Hopkins for a week.
    That hospital is the portal keeping track of everyone that has been vaccinated.
    Since October only 12 people were in that hospital treated for covid-19, they never tested me when I got in they never tested me when I left they never mention I should get the vaccine or not and said things are back to normal in this Hospital.
    I did not have to wear a mask in my room I could have company, I made my own little mask out of nylon when this all started and that's all I wore since the virus began.
    Imagine 7 billion people on the planet a new virus is a dream come true for the pharmaceutical companies and the billionaires and the Crooked governments.
    If you need a booster every six months it's not a vaccine.
    About 70 years ago a man named Orson Welles wrote a novel called.
    War of the Worlds.
    That novel the latest remake with Tom Cruise is the best example why humans still exist on this planet our own natural immune system. What's different with this virus, not a goddamn thing

  3. Krystal spends an entire segment pointing out how devious Big Pharma is, yet still unquestioningly believes them about vaccine efficacy and safety, even after we just learned that Bill Gates has bought enough newsrooms around the world that the public can be convinced the vaccine is far more effective and safe than it really is.

  4. What if Bill Gates just wanted, I don't know, just a more chill world where he could relax and smoke a few spliffs with his buddies or something? He's already rich and would probably never run out of money for the next 1 thousand years ?
    Personally, if I was him, I'd probably leave public life

  5. Obviously your talking about the mRNA vaccines, they needs as much funding as possible to fully utilize their potential, this is why they are available to the highest bidder…

    The Oxford Uni Jab, which is old tech and is proving to be very effective is available patent free which factories have been built in Brazil & India to provide the world with an effective vaccine

  6. This has nothing to do with BigPharma Crystal this has to do with government control Government overreach government taking away the peoples freedoms big Pharma is not doing that Joe Biden is doing this

  7. How people allow politicians to make personal medical decisions on a grand scale as if one size fits all should be illegal. Unfortunately it’s not because the plutocracy wants a kill switch available once they’re revolted against.

  8. Forever pandemic indeed. In UK they are trying to change the low. Vaccines or a buster every six months. Or that was the old law. Now is a booster every three months. And in Austria they now have a national mandatory vaccination. Or else. First was the lockdown then was a big money fine and now the will be voting on prison time if you still won't vaccineed. I don't remember did Hotler came from Austria or Germany.
    I guess I am moving to Florida. Just in case.

  9. It is the other way around, she is confused, they are using some random variant from a 3rd world country to cover for the inefficacy of the vaccines on the developed countries.

  10. This man bypasses democracy, human rights etc and is never held accountable and has that smirk which is grating. Africa has done well in this pandemic and leaves these immoral people. In South Africa he heavily funds universities, the press etc exactly the reasons that no journos ask tough questions here.

  11. Hmmm, it is not intentional for high price for just this pandemic. It is high price for a lot of drugs for a long time.
    Not sure about bill gate program, it is his money and time to give. Better than not giving at all.
    And yes, so many people here in the US not getting vaccinated despite easy access to good vaccines and money incentives. Aren't we more to blame? Clean the house first.

  12. This is such a cynical and uninformed perspective of what is happening. It would suck to be Bill Gates. Your spending all your time trying to get rid of viruses and spending your money verses continuing to make more and more and idiots like this girl, turn you into a bond villain.
    I guess it is a simple thing to create, research, ideate, and distribute a vaccine on a global scale in less than 2 years. Especially to people who refuse to take it. I wonder why people refuse to take life saving vaccines? Oh I have a theory, it's because evil media people like the people hosting this channel need clicks in order to line their pockets with an endless supply of money so instead of reporting the truth, they lie to people and scare people and create just enough doubt so that 25% of any population refuses to get a vaccine. That population then creates endless variants of this disease and we are locked in a forever pandemic, which conveniently gives these "news" anchors endless stories to market to you. Is the evil the companies and people trying to eradicate the virus from the face of the earth, or is the evil people who constantly sow doubt into the minds of the public so they will be afraid of the vaccines? Clearly it is the news people. The news is 24/7 negative with one agenda, scare the shit out of people so they can make money. IF it bleeds it Leeds and if it's not bleeding, then make people scared that it might bleed. This was one of the more disgusting posts I have ever seen. The fake indignation, while underneath the fake mask a set of calculations is being done… "How many clicks will this video get and how much money does that translate into. My rent is due and I need a new dress and if I can make this post just a little bit scarier I bet I can make enough off this video to get a new pair of shoes as well." Disgusting.

  13. Krystal misses one mark here and it's an important one. The nations with low vaccination rates aren't having covid surges. The nations with high vaccination rates are. The vaccines aren't working.

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