Krystal Ball: COLLAPSE! Is Economy As We Know It OVER?

Krystal analyzes how the US economic paradigm built off cheap credit and bailouts of the financial system from the Federal Reserve could be over in an inflationary economy headed to collapse

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  1. The entire world is one big fake global economy as well. We don’t actually buy chinas stuff. China lends us the money to buy their own stuff. How crazy is that

  2. It's the unintended consequences of trying to manager the economy that Krystal is talking about here. Yes, the government should only focus on the things it can do with any reasonable competency, like manage infrastructure and fund development research that has significant benefit potential but is too risky or expensive for private investment, such as the space program in the 60`, which provided many modern technologies. What the government can't do is predict the future, so it cannot fix things like the economy or prevent unknown occurrences in the future. This is the reason the government should stay out of the climate change management question, because their actions cause more unintended consequences than any potential good that can be done. This is witnessed by the backing of highly inefficient energy sources like solar, with investments that will bankrupt the country, when instead they should be putting government resources into developing better sources of energy, like fusion nuclear energy, or even just looking to improve solar technologyso that it is efficient and economical, not just using taxpayer funding to make the purchase of it affordable. That just leads to more unintended consequences.

  3. This has been the most sensible take by Krystal on this channel. I usually don't watch her takes because I see a fundamental flaw in her worldview. I took the chance here because of the title and it was superb.

  4. This is the best piece of journalism on what’s happening in the real world, to us who actually work, with the economy…
    We are at a crossing point,
    And it could be a Roosevelt era or a Hitler era to come

  5. Can you talk about rikers island again, you did in April, and there were only 3 deaths so far in the year, this morning is 8. The department of justice threatened to take rikers over but hasn't done so yet. I think more people should know about what's going on there

  6. "Lo and behold, Covid hits" – covid didn't affect the economy AT ALL! It was the authoritarian lockdowns that destroyed the middle class and the resulting Cares Act was the next death blow.

  7. Sorry Crystal, the FED started bailing out Wall Street (Repo Market) in September 2019 long before CV19 was even acknowledged. All the presidential candidates were aware and said nothing while Trump was bragging and braying about how great his economy was until the Cares Act absolved employers for CV19 liabilities to their employees. As usual the majority of bailout money transferred to the 1% again with a few crumbs tossed at the 99%. The main thing was to indemnify the employers first and deny healthcare for all. Also leveraging the pandemic for the elite political purpose of dumping the Trump skunk. Like sleepy Brandon really got that many votes from his basement.
    #DeepStateTheatre 💯

  8. Buckle up AMERICANS…we are entering deep waters and its only the beginning. Come September, the pinnacle of debt will rear its ugly head and God help us all on the rise of crime waves coming afterwards. Good luck everyone.

  9. how does door dash lose money when they give me $2 and charge the customer $20 then the customer gives you a tip. lol. i should start my own delivery service leave a card on the door dash bag lol

  10. I find that I tend to agree with Saagar about 60-70% and Krystal about 40-50% within and across various monologues. However, this is the first take by Krystal (especially regarding Economic principles) that I wholeheartedly agree. The fundamentals of the market have been out of wack for a long time (some of it is the divorcing of the gold standard; which arguable could be a net positive. 

    However, the fact that startups and NFTs are actually integral parts of the greater economy despite not having much real world value should be a flashing red light to anyone. That's not to say the Ubers, AirBNBs, Bitcoins, Dogecoins, of the world lack value but there are not farming nor oil. Yet the prior set is largely what led to the market rallies within the past couple years and years after the Great Recession.

    Now, it may not be this year or next, but soon the realities are that the market will have to eventually reflect reality and as Krystal basically stated it's going to be painful when it does occur.

  11. Remember the GOP always preach laissez faire, "free markets", small government, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and low taxes except when the wealthy elites/corporations need corporate "socialism". Then it’s endless corporate welfare and largess for the wealthy elites. What a bunch of rank hypocrites!!!

    No one talks about the $4T in bailouts in 2020 or the $1.9T King Trumpo tax cut in 2017 that went to the wealthy elites/corporations during a time of prosperity. The GOP can do no wrong as they waste taxpayer's money like a bunch of drunken sailors on holiday leave. Shhh!! Must keep this a secret…

    Or what about the $9T in repo loans to trading houses from Sept 2019 to March 2020. Obviously, Bill Maher didn’t get the memo!! LOL!! Money cannons raining money only on Wall St. Of course, conservatives willfully forget the tens of trillions of dollars ($29 trillion in bailouts during the 2007 to 2010 financial crisis) we doled out under the last corrupt GOP POTUS when he bailed out Wall St. at our expense. No one asked how we were going to pay for any of it or the inflation it would cause or how it would affect the Debt/deficits. Hell bleeping no!! Party of fiscal responsibility, my arse!!!

    But when a Dem spends any money, it a crime against humanity, rampant inflation, the sky is falling, the Debt/ deficits are going to bankrupt this nation while these "little" people are "socialists" for getting a measly $1.4k checks. Can't have that!! How are we going to pay for this boondoggle?? We must means-test everything. Everyone else must eat stale moldy cake!!! That's the American way. Support the rich/corporations, screw the rest!!

  12. It you want to create growth it is inefficient to push money into the economy through the central bank and QE, also lowering taxes for companies doesn’t help either. If you can expand your output by adding cheap labor instead of taking the risk to invest in technology this hurts too.
    Now look at western economies over the past 40 years. Low wage growth, low taxes, cheap foreign labor, reduced public investments to reign in public debt, but lots of money thrown at „investors“ in the hope they may do something with it.

  13. Hey guys. Can you please create a different outro for you videos. "Cable news is ripping us apart,…" has become annoying by now. Every time it starts I ALT+TAB and leave whatever I am doing to pause or change the video…

  14. Who wants to take a bet now that when the GOP/RW control both the WH and Congress the first thing they will “do” is pass another stink'in trillion dollar tax cut for the wealthy elites/ corporations. These bloated, unnecessary tax cuts will supposedly re-stimulate the economy and pay for themselves. Cough, cough… What a bunch of BS, but they will get them for the asking. Note, I said "do". The GOP will quickly work together to pass this without any delay. Any parliamentarian or Congressman that stands in their way will be replaced immediately unlike that "other" party.

    Of course, this tax cut is nothing but another gimmicky wealth transfer to their donors and constituency, but no one will ever call them out so the party of Fiscal Responsibility will blow up the Debt and deficits again and no one will ever ask how they pay for any of it… Or they will say, we must gut all social programs to pay for it which allows them to knock down two birds out with one stone. The Dems will agree like the senile, spineless, clueless, foxhole, rubber-stamping, capitulating, corporate conservatives that they are. Screw the American people -again!!!

    We need 3rd parties ASAP!!

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