Krystal Ball: Dem Elites FLEE Biden Exposing his GREATEST Weakness

Krystal looks at the Democratic elites distancing themselves from Biden exposing his electability weakness that makes him vulnerable to a primary challenge

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Daniel Marans:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. You talk of the American people as if they had a clue about anything… when most of them probably don’t know where they are on a map. They are fed talking points by pundits from their team abs that’s it. What you need are a few covids per decade to continue cleansing m0r0ns.

  2. Krystal is correct…I mean geez…if you want to gain 70% of Americans do the following: Blame inflation on the people who are actually causing it, the owners of the companies that set the prices…Warn Americans that we are devolving into an oligarchy…and if it goes on too long…we WILL become a 3rd world nation unable to manufacture anything, unable to maintain our population, unable to ever recover. Explain how if you give 10 kids 10 cookies to trade amongst themselves you end up with a cookie economy…but give 1 kid 100 cookies, and you end up with no economy.
    Explain how to achieve social and racial justice by reforming current institutions like education, the entire criminal justice system, and be willing to provide federal jobs dealing with infrastructure and housing; policing peoples speech and word choice does little other than to piss people off. No Amazon, you are not winning any hearts over by posting black lives matter in big font…where the hell were you when that tornado hit Illinois? did those lives matter?
    End the Bull** wars that only seem to enrich military contractors…contract them to build something else…perhaps have them focus some attention on green energy, Did you know that a company recently discovered a way to print solar panels on sheets of plastic that cost about $10 dollars per square foot, did you know that rust batteries and gravity batteries are not only super easy and super cheap to make…but they also don't require us having to worry about where we are going to source lithium? Did you know that hydrogen fuel can be sourced from water via Cheap and small electrolysis devices that can be stored almost anywhere and the end cost for hydrogen fuel is far less than 1/4 the price of Gasoline. The infrastructure just needs to be built…this is a 4th industrial revolution waiting to be had…What in the hell are we waiting for?
    Health insurance for all is a cheaper option then private health insurance, Everyone knows this…and any American who has had to go to urgent care or the hospital and have found themselves forced to sleep on the floor will attest….Private insurance doesn't guarantee shorter waiting times…Nice try, but crappy lie. What about the "free market" yeah, lets try it! let's have medicare be able to negotiate ALL drug prices just like all other nations of the free market do, lets catch up with the rest of the world and use our money instead to invest in America, invest in ourselves, and live our freaking lives again.
    And screw the big tech surveillance state…how many 100's of millions of people have been a victim of identity theft only to discover…NO one exists at the other end of the help line if it even exists, and yet every single search, every single digital action, every single movement you make is being closely monitored, tracked, packaged and sold to 3rd party vendors who sell to other 3rd party vendors and you have 0 control over your data, your identity, or who is able to access it. 0 accountability whatsoever. And yet peoples lively hoods are being destroyed over texts and tweets from years ago. People are being permanently erased from using platforms that have become necessary and essential utilities in today's society, and there is 0 accountability over who determines these decisions either. We always knew monopolies end up having very tyrannical and ill effects on society, but who knew Monopolies would grow so large and intrusive that our most basic right to free speech is now under threat? It's time we trust bust, and demand digital transparency, because we must! lets let workers unionize again, and guarantee that a minimum wage salary is enough for people to afford a place and food to feed their families….because right now…to many working and fully employed Americans are having to rely on food stamps and cash assistance just to make it….We are subsiding our population with tax payer dollars so corporations that don't pay taxes can reap bigger profits…That is a dumb system! This is the result of 50 years of anti labor/ anti union policy has nearly bankrupt the middle class, it has allowed jobs to be shipped oversees and profits to be off shored to the tune of many tens of trillions of dollars.
    No country can survive this, and everyone can sense it, there is no more hiding from this anymore, Crime is up because people are broke and losing hope in damn near everything, guess what, if you eliminate poverty and near poverty, you reduce ALL crime by 91% So lets focus on that, lets end student debt, slash college tuition costs, and abolish homelessness in America for good!

    All of this just seems too WAY easy….I mean hell I feel like if I had a platform that was large enough that I could run for President of the freaking United States with this message…and I could WIN.
    So if you are wanting to run for president….run with this message, have at it, and once in office, deliver…the president has more power at appointing people and using executive action to achieve all of these things than Americans realize.

  3. Krystal's point is valid but she fails to grasp the big picture issue that is at hand: The MSM. For the past 30 yrs, the MSM's playbook is to run cover for corrupt Dems and relentlessly go after corrupt Republicans. The end result is that aging corruptocrats are now running the Dem Party, and their "bench" doesn't look much better. The Bidens, Pelosis, and Clintons still run the party, and they are the most corrupt people in DC… and it only gets worse from there.

  4. Manchin is a NeoCon, wearing NeoLiberal clothes…. no wonder he won't back Biden……. lol

    I love how Russia (Our long-standing #1 enemy, and largest threat to peace in all of Europe) is being obliterated by the actions of this White House….and none of you are even willing to recognize, or even mention it….EVER. <<<<<Highly relevant.

  5. Krystal sure has a lot of faith in the democrats. As if they won't rig it all to benefit the donor class. I'm voting 3rd party. Done with the Republicrats. I won't partake in this farce.

  6. "A successful primary campaign against Biden will inspire. It will overcome the malaise, the glooom, the nihilism……"

    Oh come on!!! Pretending as if getting rid of Biden will fix the Democratic party is delusional. They've destroyed themselves for decades and it will not be fixed due to changing out one candidate. This sounds like political analysis from a teenager who believes the Dems only recently lost credibility and that one magical candidate will reinvigorate the party and restore trust in the system. This segment is wishful thinking that completely ignores the fact that corruption is entrenched in both parties and individual politicians are interchangeable and virtually irrelevant to how the system works.

  7. ‘’Liberal democrats’’ are the people like Manchin, Biden and Clinton. The left leaning ones are social-democrats, not liberals. Liberalism is a right wing ideology.

  8. Nobody is Bernie and Bernie wanted a utopia based on a Scandinavian socialism the does not exist. All the Scandinavian countries are business friendly, even more than the US, thanks to the dems. We need a middle of the road party that has no fundamentalist values, including religion and wokeism. And protects the borders. That party would win.

  9. My fucking brain cracked when she went on about restoring faith by Biden losing the primary.

    I can't take this type of thinking seriously anymore. Can we stop talking about hope? Either the people in power can decide to do things to benefit us, or they will just keep fucking us, and rigging primaries for corporatists.

    Stop treating us like we are a sleeping army of freedom fighter activists who just need that little bit of extra hope.

    We have been voting. We have been fighting. Stop expecting more from us. Our elected officials need to deliver without the requirement of us having hope. It's on them.

    Just stop this hope shit. Leave us be.

  10. Did she mention a Democratic primary challenge without talking about Black Americans? Dems are boxed in. Forcing Biden out of the race will also remove Kamala. There's no way for Dems to win a national election without an outsized Black turnout.

  11. Does Krystal Ball think that the candidate anointed by the DNC might be defeated by a "campaign"?
    That would be cool.
    But Biden didn't get the nomination by campaigning; and his opponents who did campaign . . .

  12. So Krystal's big idea is to run another Bernie style campaign WITHIN the Democratic Party? I mean it has worked out so well in the past, so it seems like a no-brainer!

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