Krystal Ball: Democrats Secured the Bag, Lost The Nation

Krystal follows the money on the Democratic politicians making noise in congress and she shines a light on the shady business practices conducted by Glenn Youngkin’s Carlyle Group

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  1. Hey crystal why don't you have Tim Canova on to explain to you how the democrats would never ever rig an election.
    Oh wait a minute he might tell you how they stole his election 2 times exactly the way Trump says they stole his.
    Never mind.

  2. Do you really not get that they are just straight up lying to you with regards to the promises they make. You genuinely seem to think they had some intent at some point to carry out what they said they would do

  3. It’s not ladies and democrats…the democrats. It’s the bourgeoisie all the way down. Do these people not see that. They really think Dems are just on a bad path😂😂😂

  4. Krystal, you over state "College Educated." What you really mean is Liberal Arts grads. Also, just because someone did not go to a 4-year college, say they went into the trades, is no indication of IQ. What this all boils down to, is those of us who can reason and think critically and those masses that suffer from Dunning-Kruger effect. The sheep and the thinkers and that has nothing to do with parties. In fact, the conservatives tend to have higher IQs. So stop trying to reinforce the party based deplorables narrative. It doesn't play well.

  5. I don’t understand why Krystal or anyone else with a brain in the country has an issue with Trump. He literally gave up his billionaire life to be painted a “racist”, and or 21 thousand other boogie man faces and for what? For loving this country. For turning this country around? Doing what’s best for the people. Leave all the hating bullshit aside. Trump has been the best president yet and probably will be for years to come for the people.

  6. We MUST pull in a third party since the democrats have sold themselves to the corporations the same as the rebuplicans.
    A WORKING class party.
    Let the homeless, welfare culture and woke special interests ask their local governments for assistance, what is needed is a national party dedicated to the interests of WORKING people.

  7. Dave Smith 2024. I really think I’m ready to vote for a regular person. We’d probably all be better off voting for libertarians and independents regardless of their political views simply for the fact that they aren’t bought off.

  8. Agree w much of what Krystal is saying. Our elites are out of control, have been for a minute, and the system is rigged for sure. Just interesting she can’t see how the election could be rigged also, I mean, the ghouls wrote an article in Time magazine admitting they rigged it.

  9. No shocker. Money runs everything, and our politicians have become adept at attracting treasure via kickbacks and pay to play. Yes, this should be made illegal but considering the lawmakers are on the take and will never vote against their self interest, we are doomed. Such is the genesis of revolution.

  10. Sinema opposes the PRO act because her constituency supports our right work state status. PRO act would be bad for Arizona. I will vote for here again as an independent

  11. BOTH parties have rigged the system to prevent a 3rd party from gaining any traction. When people ask me if I am a Repugnantcan or a Demorat, I ask them why those are my only choices.

  12. Essentially “electing” traitors to work against your interests. These people have been selling us out for decades and are never held accountable. It’s past time we do something different.

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