Krystal Ball: Dems Already Lining Up Excuses For Biden’s Loss

Krystal Ball details new reporting that Russia is once again trying to meddle in the Presidential Election.

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  1. Krystal is Humorous when she is creative. But she is still unable to see beyond her own blinkered World View which is pretty Dytopic.
    Krystal will be quite unhappy in November

  2. President trump worst president ever…yeah for dems the media and liberals but great for every American…that includes black brown white asian….again u guys dont get it and saagar fight back sometimes..i know u are thinking it in ur head say it out loud and this channel would be much more interesting to share and tell others

  3. China gives you money nancy and russia pays no one, not trump not you but you dont want the light shown on china so you harp on russia even though we know russia doesnt care

  4. Nancy is in severe DENIAL of the China's threat. And Biden is slipping FAST before our eyes. He can no longer do speeches. Only read scripts. And I'm at a TOTAL LOSS as to how Biden can debate Trump. The DNC must have something up-their-selves to substitute Harris to debate Trump. Probably working on a legal angle.

  5. These so called journalists are unbelievably sloppy
    Surely the people have enough knowledge to see through this nonsense. Or should we hold these truths to be …. That are all goldfish are created equal etc

  6. What States is the worst on the convid? Yea ALL DEMOCRATS RUN STATES. but stil Presedent Trump fault. He was Racist fore stopping flights from china in january

  7. Kasich and Navarro are "reactionaries"? Hmm. I love Krystal (SHE should run for president!) and trust her thinking, but reactionaries? They seem more like, well, conservative Democrats to me.

  8. "Some seem to think the best strategy for Biden is just to lie low and be a warm body, a name on the ballot that isn’t Trump. I am certain most Americans cannot name a Biden policy proposal or even his campaign slogan. Like Hillary Clinton, Biden has major political liabilities, having been associated with the very administration whose failures Trump was elected by campaigning against." –Nathan Robinson, The Guardian, 8/28/20

  9. The lack of understanding about all that Trump did during Cv19 is incredible. Saagar, you, especially, need to dig deeper to understand the facts. You're believing the Media narrative that always scews the facts. Biden doing better with Covid has already been debunked. He literally addressed how he would have managed it. Every single point had been implemented by the Trump Administration months ago.

  10. I am an old, retired guy. Most of my life took place during the Cold War.
    I never thought I'd live to see a day in which a president and a major party sought and later endorsed Russian interference in our elections. Goldwater, Buckley and Reagan would be eating these jokers alive for selling out our country while claiming to be "patriots"

  11. You guys love to hate the Democrats more than the Republicans hate democracy. smh . These people are failed journalists, only a degree or two better than Fox

  12. So damn annoying how a supposedly 2 intelligent people are against anything that doesn't have bernies name on it. This election is a damn crossroad for the US, its about time that people should understand that trump needs to leave regardless of comea after him. All of the negativity you produce is just..plain damn wrong

  13. 1:37 "The American people believe, I think, they should decide who the next president will be" — That's great, Nancy. How about we go back and stop the DNC from cheating during the nomination process and LET THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DECIDE who the Democratic nominee should be? Or is that somehow "different"?
    What Nancy means here is that she believes that the CORPORATIONS that fund her corruption should decide who the next president should be.

  14. Krystal! The Jerry F writers have once again put words into your mouth pretending to be progressive so that you diminish Biden and dump on the Dem Party! You are a traitor to real progressivism! Sleep with that you lousy, self-hating, money grubbing grifter.

    You are what’s wrong with American democracy! If you were a real progressive, like I am, you’d know that progress is incremental. But you accept having these idiotic words put into your mouth by right wing writes in order to diminish Democrats to suppress Dem voters!

    Honestly, your tactics are disposable, except that they are not your views at all. They are written for you by Jerry Finkelstein producers paid for with corporate funds provided by Russia.

    Shame on you! Traitor to true progressivism!