Krystal Ball: Did FBI HATCH PLOT To Kidnap Gretchen Whitmer?

Krystal evaluates the possibility that the FBI orchestrated the much publicized plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer

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  1. Does anyone with a straight face believe the guy whose video they put was any kind of "mastermind" that could have kidnapped even himself?

  2. Hope you guys expand to other platforms like Bitchute, Rumble, Odysee, etc. With stories like this, YouTube is going to strike the hell outta this channel. Keep it up!

  3. Best of all it's a great way to say screw you to the mainstream media! Every time I hear her say that, I fall a little bit more in love, ?. I don't always agree w/ Krystal, but I can always appreciate her intelligent well-formed opinions, especially one with a pretty smile like hers!
    Information is Power.

    Disrupt the false narrative.

    Subvert the paradigm.

    Come and Take It!

  4. This information is like 10yrs late.. what the gift was doing was sooo obvious.. From Syria to Libya to San Bernardino, Ca they been perpetuating this poorly thought out narrative

  5. I wonder if the FBI will be training the Capital Police in their new nationwide reach, just how to use 2 BILLION dollars to groom people with certain political views into becoming radical enemies they can interdict to save the country from these eeeevil people.

  6. Of course they did maybe read the Rovolver report that Tucker reported on weeks ago. But again no facts actually get reported on cable news right?

  7. I love you two, but you really need to stop cutting the video off before you have stopped responding to each other about the subject content at the end. It is REALLY irritating. But not enough to make me waste my money paying for a subscription. That is NOT going to happen. Sorry….It has to be said.

  8. What a country what a other country does these disgraceful agendas except maybe N.KOREA,OFCOURSE IT JUST TO JUSTIFY ALL THERE MASSIVE BUDGETS FOR COPS FBI CIA NSA AND THE MILITARY, there dosent seem to be any watchdogs in that country holding anyone to account, theve all been bought off including the Media.

  9. There were more FBI informates that targets. The need 2 on the ground informants for every target in order to keep informed. It sounds like a comedy.

  10. That is a crime and FBI are not above the law. But undermining an election and an elected President. Should be tried with treason. All involved!

  11. This segment by Krystal borders on the conspiratorial. I dont think it is wise to imply that the FBI encouraged the kidnappers to commit the crime before the court case has concluded. What Keystal presented on this is speculation and not fact.

  12. This message is a THREAT! the people that profit off of war, division, and want the future of humanity to be enslaved.
    Good stuff Breaking Points, keep it up!

  13. Can we just get an AI system to pick actually decent people to help SERVE the common good, and for it to route out corruption impartially, free from emotional manipulation or threats.

  14. its hard for me to take you, Sagar, and especially Kyle seriously until you call out TYT on their cancerous anti healthy fifth estate McCarthism.

  15. When the FBI hatched most of the « Islamic terror plots » themselves, and let the capital building be taken while having fore knowledge of the plans to take it; why would they have not been the guiding hand in the kidnapping plot? The security state is flexing.