Krystal Ball: DISGUSTED Aussies Continue THRASHING of Global Elites

Krystal gives her analysis of the Australian elections that saw Aussies reject their two parties and the global elites at rates that have followed global trends in domestic elections in nations around the world

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  1. That wasn't an election, it was a handover, left wing right wing they're still from the same bird.
    They never agree on anything except going to war, removal of sovereignty, and how to give away taxpayers money to foreign entities, and lobbyists.

  2. The polls weren’t necessarily accurate. But, the main thing was that Australians are sick of the party politics. They are really only interested in looking after themselves and getting re-elected. Do you see any similarities there to the US?

  3. As an Australian I have genuinely never cared about an election more than this one. Scomo needed to GTFO as expeditiously as possible. I'm fairly hopeful about Albo, and though the Greens do scare me because I hate extremists in either direction, hopefully their influence will see even more support on climate action – something we have been embarrassingly behind on for a country with incredibly abundant natural resources and wealth. Labor have been handed an absolute turd though, good luck to them in fixing it.

  4. Well if they don't want elitist dicks swinging into these positions they need to stop allowing them to be there. Stop voting greens, labor, liberals and leftists into these positions and only support those who fight for liberty and freedom.

  5. I am an Australian and have been a conservative voter most of my life. (Australian conservative is further left than the United States Democrats) That being said this election we voted for the Greens and independents.

  6. Too bad no matter what Australia does with climate change policy it won’t matter because of the pollution China contributes. It’s like California banning plastic straws

  7. It might’ve helped your American viewers to clarify that Australian Liberals = Centrist Republicans (mostly). Who are also hugely supported by Rupert Murdoch.

  8. US has only ONE Political Aristocracy. The “two” parties have and will continue to work together to preserve status quo. The political industry is a monopoly that has no incentive to change.

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