Krystal Ball DISMANTLES MSNBC LIES about Assange

Krystal picks apart the lies told by MSNBC about Julian Assange and the charges being leveled against him by the US DOJ

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  1. Hillary lost because she was terrible and he didn't make her lose. He distributed information and that information was US war crimes. Chomsky said it best about every post WW2 president and we are still currently committing those crimes. The USA is terrible and I am looking forward to 2070+ for the human virus to be taken care of by the planet.

  2. Oh gee thanks for that ruling UK. Hey how about Prince Andrew? Can we extradite him? Oh we can’t? Why not? There is clearly enough evidence to link him to underage girls.

  3. Assange did not steal one document at all, they were given to him by others in the greatest tradition of political whistle blowers, like the Ellsberg brothers. The left-right War Party wants perpetual warfare. Scarborough is a liar beyond description.

  4. Assange, Glenn Greenwald, Andy Ngo, and a small handful of others are the only real journalists left in the West. None of them, literally none, work for the MSM/Corporate Media. That should tell you everything you need to know about MSNBC, CNN, NYT, WaPo, etc…

  5. Anyone on the democratic side who turned against Julian Assange is a hypocrite and should be ashamed. Same thing with the Republicans that wanted him on jail until he released the Clinton emails.

  6. Makes me want to puke this guy thinks war crimes and evil deeds of the American armed forces should be kept secret. That’s how you get ignorant masses wonder why anyone would hate America. I tell them it’s cuz our military rape and pillage their land and hide it from the citizens so no atrocities were ever committed, at least we’ll never see proof of it with horrible commentators like this guy.

  7. I watched the live coverage of the ruling today on Rising and almost no one in the comments even knew who Assange was. It was a bunch of NPCs posting poorly spelled stop the steal slogans in all caps.

  8. I don't think it's necessarily true that IF something he released had gotten someone killed (military, civilian contractors, foreign assets, etc) that they would have come out with that in order to reenforce their justification for going after him. I'm not arguing that the info released DID get anyone harmed or killed, but I can certainly think of a few scenarios where If people were killed, but they would choose not to release that info to the public.
    I don't have any background in this type thing but if I can think of reasons why they'd hold back, I imagine there must be dozens of other reasons too. While I agree with 90% the sentiment here, and I think Greenwald's incite is usually dead on, I never found this particular argument very convincing.

  9. As of when I am watching this, this video has 2.6k likes and zero dislikes (viewable with a chrome extension). There is a clear disconnect between the views of the people and the views of the powerful.

  10. Wow! Breaking news! From one of the biggest "news" operations around. Now we know that Assange stole documents. I don't know how we know that but this is a trusted news source… right?
    BTW Crystal looks fabulous doesn't she?

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