Krystal Ball: Does Wall Street looting lead to street looting?

Krystal Ball discusses the systematic inequalities as the catalyst of the mass riots over George Floyd’s death.

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  1. 'Regular people pushed to the wall' typically have greater character than to destroy private property of those who are not their oppressors or causing their individual plight.


  3. Where are the Good Guys in this scenario that study, define, name, and stop the bad guys?? I don't think the honest, caring American citizen has, at this time, any alternative than to protect themselves.

  4. Krystal, thank you for your beautiful words! I am inspired that you have the clarity and wisdom to express the truth of this failed government and all of it’s intuitions. They are corrupt and benefit the few wealthy and demoralize all of humanity !

  5. Saager seems to be reading from the rightwing fascist handbook. Good job Krystal Ball! What did the tea company have to do with the English government? I guess it meant something to our founding fathers as a symbol at least, right or wrong.

  6. The real way to beat this thing is to not buy or sell any of their goods because this is how the rich get rich off the backs of others and keeping them oppressed, and put down the sticks and stones that break our bones and there will be no harm.

  7. What about how Wall Street has looted the American treasury during the pandemic? The Stock Market has made large gains while tens of millions of working people are out of work and being denied relief aid and relying on depleted food banks to survive.

  8. What complete nonsense. No sane and thriving nation serves as nanny to her population. Wipe your own nose. It would be a weak country indeed where every grown up aspires to a lifetime of arrested dependency.

  9. Hey Krystal, I hope you enjoy the civil war, watching your house burn down while you're forced to kneel and watch. That's whats coming. If you support BLM you are a racist.

  10. Just leave the rule of law aside…

    The most disturbing thing in US that I’m still haven’t understood, the US government and its treasury don’t have level of compassion towards its middle and lower class during crisis…but compassionate towards the Elites

    This tells me they are all corrupted ,looking after one another

  11. The state has, in its many forms, failed the people.
    I cannot tolerate the violence. As Krystal said, there is no leader.
    A mob looted a KOA campground down the street. Who lives at the KOA campground, the Trumps? Jeff Bezoz?
    I don’t even like the defacement of federal buildings. We own those buildings.
    Deface the financial institutions, the power institutions, the think tanks and lobbyists buildings, Hollywood and the media.
    I disagree that the system can’t work. Half the population doesn’t vote. Had they voted for Bernie, Yang and an untold number of other candidates at various levels of government, maybe we could have change, could have had change a long time ago.

  12. Saagar: "…the city that we love is being destroyed."
    Yes, Saagar, that's what happens when you ignore the plight of the oppressed for decades. War is ugly. And it didn't need to happen this way. Unfortunately, throughout all of history power has never been surrendered without violence. Because no one cares until their things are being destroyed or until their livelihood is threatened or until someone they love is murdered.
    How about instead of lecturing rioters about the damage they're causing, come down hard on a system that loots all of us and kills innocents every day?

  13. if someone marches with guns you should support it, even if they don’t support your protests. Many people don’t do the second thing and give up their rights in common.

    police can turn any protest into a riot, extreme escalation on unexperienced activists or normal people on the streets…

    the level of spending on policing from tax payers alone with military surplus is hardly new. 2008 was the policy moment where many police forces were transformed into prison population force multipliers.

    4.9 million Americans criminalized every year by a corrupt system. you have the right to plead guilty or get the book thrown at you in court by the prosecution/investigators/judge..

    Prison culture has been normalized for large sectors of white people, and that culture is largely a white supremacist one. Which isn’t such a bad word when you grow up with generational imprisonment. That’s the uncles who ride motorcycles and sneak you a joint or two. a fifth on your birthday…

    And mexicans or blacks usually are the gang in those institutions who’ve tried to kill your mom dad cousin or uncle in the penn. Vice a versa, for those blacks and Mexican families who experience loss or pain from this sickening system of criminalizing Americans. anyways if you think you have a right to a lawyer or trial before sitting in county jail for seventy two hours ..think again. when liberals ignore the reality of humanity, we ignore our shared experiences, in that anything police can profile that might lead to felonies is massively targeting poor white males. More so than any other democgrapic combined.

  14. I never condone looting. However how do we criminalize protesters looting and then legalize corporate looting? Shouldn't they be criminalized as well?

  15. I am so thankful we have you two to show us the correct way. Why can't rich a-holes see that it is actually in their best interests to actually take care of the people that fund their riches? It is baffling.

  16. You guys are doing such a great job. You guys are way ahead of this issues. When time comes you won't regret that you did talk about it. Keep this in replay. Just keep it up! Great job!

  17. Saagar watched Do The Right Thing and was never angrier than when Mookie threw that trash can through Sal’s front window.

  18. You will never see this honest true commentary on corporate news KUDOS Krystal you are always right on. Love your commentary. You aren't beholden to donors or corporate advertisers like corporate media who do nothing but mislead us or tell us what they are told to say even if it's lie.

  19. The title of this video should NOT be posed as a Question? Of course the answer is YES,, the same way Abusive "parents" produce kids who will act out. The laws of Cause and Effect

  20. Food for thought:
    Why has no media outlet reported on who received monies from the almost 5 trillion in tax dollars that was passed in the first bailout package for corporations.

    And I am not talking about the PPP monies. That was a different section of tax dollar give aways.

    Just question

  21. Tons of jealousy and contempt for people with money here. Go make some. I'm not wealthy but I don't care. I'm happy with what I've earned. maybe some of you should see a psychiatrist