Krystal Ball: Donors In DESPAIR Over Kamala, Plot A Pete Takeover

Krystal dives into the potential Kamala vs Pete matchup in the 2024 Democratic primary that is currently being set up by battles between elites and donors behind the scenes

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  1. When they blacked out Bernie Sanders the DNC can kiss my ass! Nina turner / Bernie Sanders 2024. Bernie’s still on top of his game not like Senile Joe Biden in the disgusting ignorant Kamala Harris.

  2. I guess Democratic rule is a failed state. Perhaps we need a businessman's acumen to sort out all this trouble. I know Democrats hate big business, (except for silicon valley, big pharma, and mass media)….but alas, it's time to send the children to bed.

  3. Just proves elections are about likability and not qualifications. Pete was the mayor of a small town in Indiana, and because he looks the part, people think he should be POTUS. Basically anyone can be President, as long as you got charisma and are likable, hence how we ended up with Obama.

  4. I would easily vote for Pete over Kamala. Krystal hates Pete because he used to work at McKenzie, but I don’t think that’s reason enough to blindly hate the man.

  5. As a 20 year long Dem to GOP covert, I am honestly laughing at the complete Shit Show the Dem Party has become. I left because I woke up to the FACT that the Legacy Media was lying to us, even back then. It's only gotten worse since. But just looking at the Dem bench, it's completely hilarious. You had your charismatic leader in Obama, who let's not forget, lost the Dem Party around 1000 seats nationwide between 2010 and 2016, so he essentially devastated the Party's bench of up and coming talent. So who you got now? The aging Elites and the young Progressives who are essentially clueless outside of their Twitter fanbase. You got nobody in the middle. But my broader point is that I think the Dems might know that their Party is dying. Especially now with the generic Congressional ballot showing a +10 lead for the GOP nationwide and +23 In key swing states. If the Dems get destroyed next year with a 40+ seat loss (and I think that's a conservative estimate) then who you got left? You're gonna lose the House anyway due to redistricting. When a truck driver in NJ can win while only spending $153, you know the Dem label is GARBAGE. So one begins to wonder, is the chaos at the border just a way to import new voters because you've lost most regular Americans? I think so.

  6. Wait, hold on the Crystal…."The Horrors of Living under Donald Trump?" Excuse me? Everything was BETTER under Trump….EVERYTHING. Unemployment was at a 50 year low. Labor participation rates were at a 50 year high, including among Minorities. The border was secure and getting better everyday as more Wall was getting built. We were getting Peace Agreements overseas between Israel and several different countries. Trump didn't start any new wars. Our adversaries were fearful of what Trump might do. Now they're just laughing under President Brandon. No, Crystal, the "horrors" under Trump were all concocted by the media and the American people had to live with all that bullshit for 4 straight years. Trump was lied about the entire time, but now the people see the truth about Biden, and there's nothing the media can do about it.

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