Krystal Ball Gets ‘CANCELED’ By Woke Twitter

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  1. She is lavishing praise on Carlson. She’s been having a temper tantrum for the past three weeks over Democratic voters rejecting Bernie by almost the same margin that she lost her congressional campaign.

  2. David, why keep equating the bad of the Democrats with that of the Republicans? That’s no excuse for “ praising “ Tucker for one out of 20! Hassan was not giving “credit” for praise! There’s a difference. Krystal u and “the Hill” continue to blur the lines because you’re very bitter because Sanders fell short. You need to tell your supporters to support POTUS by not voting for Biden. Stop faking left then going right!

  3. But how can one (mcnbc) critisize the dems more than the republicans, if there´s much less there to critisize, to begin with???????? not rational at all?

  4. There is not enough time in the world to make me surrender to the altar of Joe Biden.
    I don’t find Blue corruption and evil any more acceptable than the Red version.
    Instead of judging or attempting to voter shame me, perhaps y’all should take a long, close look in the mirror….

  5. But cuddling up to war criminals like Bush, who killed thousands of brown children and promoting anti-Russian bigotry is okie dokie

    These same Liberal SJWs

  6. Fact 1.) You claimed that while Cuckold Carlson carries the GOPs water for the most part, he'll criticize Trump more than anyone else on "the network" meaning Fox News. Hell naw! Shep Smith who's no longer with the network followed by Chris Wallace who is still there trashed Trump like no other. Chris was hitting Trump so hard on impeachment that the network had to reign him in. He even did things like refusing to let Trump call in and called out Trump's attacks on the Press! That's just a fact sir. I'm no fan of Fox News but lionizing one of their more professional liars like this is clearly wrong.

    Fact 2.) "Tucker Carlson criticizes Republicans more than MSNBC hosts do Democrats that's just a fact." Oh really? I'd love to see the stats on that. Got a document outlining the number of times each network attacked their respective parties? From what I saw of Tucker, with the exception of when Trump was about to attack Iran, I've never seen him go after Republicans. I used to watch MSNBC during the Obama era and I can recall them slamming Democrats multitudes of times. There was a point where your progressive boogyman Chris Matthews hit Obama every other week. Especially when President Obama failed to get the Sandy Hook Background Checks bill passed. He hit the Democrats over the 2012 fiscal cliff deal basically implying they need to be able to compromise and work out a deal with the GOP. He savaged Hillary Clinton after she lost in '16 basically stating the rustbelt rejected her! Morning Joe criticized Obamacare and other Democratic policies numerous times, he slammed the Democrats a lot since his show is right-leaning. Rachel Maddow verbally kicked the Democrats ass over the cromnibus spending bill McConnel and Reid passed saying the Dems rolled over then played dead. She also called out Obama for authorizing fracking in certain regions, she sniped Democrats for going after Snowden. Btw I'm not necessarily agreeing with all of the critiques MSNBC made here I'm just pointing out they did a reasonable job of criticizing Democrats whereas Tucker Carlson and the rest of Fox News largely refused to go after the GOP.

    Krystal Ball is a disgruntled MSNBC employee who lies about them because she's still butt-hurt she doesn't have a job there anymore. She then finds work at a right-leaning rag known as the Hill who's owner is a Trump donor. Of course this yellow journalism is going to slander MSNBC the liberal-leaning network. MSNBC may not be very progressive but they're liberal (ESPECIALLY HAYES, MADDOW, O'DONNELL AND SEDER) and Trump's minions would like nothing more than to replace liberalism with their brand of propaganda and xenophobia. Of course slighted progressive news hosts are looking for any excuse they can to teardown MSNBC which is fine, just don't lie about them it makes you look desperate. I understand your feelings are still hurt because MSNBC treated your messiah Bernie Sanders harshly but he knew that going in. Not MSNBC's fault Sanders couldn't make inroads with older Democratic voters. Again I stopped watching MSNBC, frankly I think shows like Pakman and Sam Seder are better shows and I was unhappy with MSNBC myself when they gave the Bush bitch Nicole Wallace her own show. The network took a more right-leaning turn on economic issues even though it largely remained socially liberal and that annoyed me. So I'm watching other programs now. But shows like yours does a disservice to the public interest in making hit pieces like this video.

  7. Yeah, I've seen that segment. I didn't know you could 'cancel' somebody over this. I wonder what happens when people realize she criticized Bernie. There's reason to believe that Tucker Carlson prevented a war with Iraq kinda in the last minute. Meanwhile, Bernie wouldn't even try to block a bill – sorry, bills, plural – that give bailouts to huge corporations while the everyday Joe gets close to nothing. Looking forward to being cancelled myself, except nobody knows me online…

  8. Mehdi Hasan is Iranian Shia, and he doesn’t like the fact that a Trump presidency could mean a war on his country. That’s why his views are biased and stupid now.

  9. Is the same play that the Demopublicans book and that of those that align with the right (like the neo-liberalist cubans), rolled out to attack Bernie Sanders for saying that the fact that Fidel Castro once in power in Cuba, started an universal education program, so FOR REAL no child was left behind, and history has shown that what Castro did, is good as there is no illiteracy in Cuba.
    That did not mean that Bernie Sanders agreed or sympathized with Communism (people are so willingly ignorant that having it in their faces, don't recognize that the USA IS A SOCIALIST country for the rich), same play, typical results and it is fruitful when people do not get informed nor care to be.

  10. Thank you David Doel for not saying WE, is time to start putting those stickies on the foreheads of who commit the fault. This is what the NOW president of México did with the right on that country where they were doing to him what they did in the USA to Bernie and he won the presidency because people that knew what was happening, saw someone telling the bare truth about what criminal right wingers (so called conservators), were doing to them.
    Is not WE who killed hundred of thousands in Irak, NO. It was the criminals who participated in that terrorism and keep participating in many more around the world.
    It is time to CALL OUT Demopublicans and the Republicans friends that as a whole are white supremacists, exactly what they are. This way, people will know them as criminals and corrupt individuals, and not as we did this and we did that wrong thing.
    Hopefully David Doel, you will maintain this and more people will follow this way of explaining the facts, without covering for the criminals in power and those that align and support their corruption and evil.

  11. I can believe that progressives have to clarify their messages like this now. We all know that moderates are pretending to be stupid so they attack us by misinterpreting our messages.

  12. It's true the Berniecrats did tirelessly support Bernie traveling around the country. They have the passion millions of Democrats should have.

  13. I agree. I abhor Tucker Carlson but Krystal had a very valid point. And there way more people in Fox that are more abhorent than Carlson, like Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pierro, and former star Bill O'Reilly.

    As to MSNBC pips, they are no different than Fox, except they are more civil, more facts-based, and more to the left. Fox and MSNBC hosts are both sychophants.

  14. The hill has posted many comments in support of Tucker's opinions. As a Latino and a member of a minority, I find Krystal plays the Racist Tucker's bull-shit. He is a recorded Racist and sexist. She has the luxury of giving him a pass we people of color do not.

  15. …mehdi hassan the biggest hyprocrite look at his old mosque speeches . He apoligized but when youthink infedels are pigs etc.. their should be no coming nack from that