Krystal Ball: Haitian Migrant Crisis EXPOSES Dems, GOP Hypocrisy

Krystal looks at how the Biden border crisis exposes the hypocrisy of both parties and the dysfunction of America’s immigration system

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  1. Obama and Biden deported about 10 times immigrants over what Trump ever did. Because Trump let the mainstream media in and everyone was outraged at the crap the government was doing what they didn't know was it was from the previous Administrations. And as soon as Biden gets back in office he cut mainstream media out so we can't see the horrible deplorable conditions that these immigrants are having to go through. You never hear any talk of disbanding ice only when Trump is controlling them do you hear that. It should happen all the time and they should have never been formed in the first place. We already have a border patrol we don't need ice too

  2. Biden deported more Haitians in his first 100 days than Trump did during his 4 years. But we don’t talk about that. Biden is still building that wall. I honestly don’t know why Trump supporters don’t support Biden and worship him too. Biden’s done more to grant Putin power than trump and is also bombing brown countries and the boarder crisis is worse than under Trump, also he helped create those cages… Biden has done more for trumps policies than Trump did… so I just don’t understand how they can call Biden a socialist. The problem is is Biden is a Trump type republican who just serves leftist lip service.

  3. you think this is bad? wait till you have thousands of american refugees under bridges fleeing natural disasters and broken safety nets that cant handle entire states decimated by climate change. wait until you have states closing borders to other states trying to stop chaos and homelessness migrating in. wait until we go to war with other nations for farmland and drinkable water.

    you cant fix the border crisis. doing so requires fixing other countries…and we cant even decide to repaint a fucking bridge here at home.

  4. How about Murica taking their shit out of Afghanistan and using all that money to help the people in Haiti who actually need it? Instead of demonizing desperate people who have been left to cope on their own when supposedly the richest nation on Earth is their next door neighbour. Good on ya, Murica!

  5. I have been on the border at Del Rio. Trust me when I say everything she is saying is true. I wasn't there when Haitians arrived but I assure you between the lack of border security and the ever changing political stance from day to day. It is an absolute wreck.

  6. Since WHEN has the Biden administration continued the border wall construction, Krystal??? (3:46) That's the first I've heard of that and it seems highly doubtful. Did he actually continued the Keystone pipeline, too?
    With all the slagging Biden has deservedly received for his horrendous Afghanistan exit plan, one would think that, in light of what we've seen the past few months, continuing to secure the border would be a positive bit of news for his administration.

  7. I wish you would have brought up that most of migrants coming left after the first earth quake. And that shit like this will continue to happen if we keep one foot in globalism and one foot in nationalism. We need to figure it out.

  8. I came to this country 21 years ago legally. I got my citizenship in 2007. We waited 15 years in Jordan for the papers to clear and be completed. But we waited. This is indeed an open border in my opinion. The majority of legal immigrants who live here appose the open border policy. My heart breaks when I see immigrant children sitting in these extreme places and not knowing what the future is holding for them. I have 2 kids of my own so I don't want to see any kids go through this. So what's the solution? I can proudly say that I don't know.

  9. confused by krystal's rant. krystal first says that the US destroyed the homelands of countries that migrants are fleeing. but then goes on to paint the same migrants as opportunists taking advantage of delays in the immigration system to setup ties in the US. but if you acknowledge that their homeland was destroyed by the US shoudn't all of them have legitimate grounds for migrating to the US? and when you say you don't support a limitless immigration system, can you specify what the limits should be based on?

  10. Cubans are fleeing an oppressive government and should be given the right to come here….Yes, our G'ovt has done some bad stuff in the world, as have others,
    but that doesn't give pple the right to just walk in and squat here….So, I don't get your point on either of those.

  11. I always like watching this show since you guys are honest but this piece is about as far from that as possible and is just Krystal pushing hard left lies, here is the truth and let's start being honest again or I will no longer watch – About 12,400 out of 17,000 Haitians are having their cases heard by immigration courts, Mayorkas said, adding that about 5,000 are being processed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Only approximately 3,000 are in detention, he said.

  12. What an emotionally opinioned hottake.
    The US has no moral obligation to anyone.
    If you want to save foriegn nationalists start a charity. But governments are inept at solving humanitarian problems stop trying to make it work.

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