Krystal Ball: How Wall St Is DESTROYING Housing Like It Destroyed The World

Krystal Ball analyzes the housing market crisis and how it only benefits Wall Street.

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  1. Classic get the viewers frightened and/or angry then talk like they've got all the answers, talk like they know what's going on when actually they couldn't be any farther out of touch. The supposed Bethlehem story, the one incident then used as a catch-all to generalize the situation across the country, talking like the capitalist vampire Koch brothers are out here coming to our neighborhoods buying all our homes is laughable. The real travesty is people still blindly listen, lead along like animals chasing a carrot dangling on a string in front of their face. Worse that this idiotic rhetoric is being framed like government needs to be there to solve our problems when in reality it does more to ruin our lives than anything else.

  2. Each renter or home owner in trouble now owes overdue payments from March 2020 to date $13,000 in addition to the July 2021 $1,000 payment. 5:01 "A stable and dignified life?" That's something worth fighting for against a system trying to take that away from you. 10:44 "Precarious economic predicament due to the pandemic?" What about the economic predicament Americans have been dealing with for FIFTY YEARS!!

  3. Why not do a story on the stress that mom and pop or small business who own these rental properties have to deal with tenants
    Have not paid any rent for a year……..nobody is g help them…..and this show has zero compassion for them…….all I have hear for you r past 3 shows, is democrats……wall street, Jeff Bezos, and big tec is controlling our lives……..they are the corporate Democratic party…….thsts Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden and obama…………..but your too afraid to tell that story…….you need to bring on Jimmy Doore…..he will tell it

  4. First these liberals say "housing discriminates against black and brown people because no one lets them borrow money" Then they say "stop predatory lending to black and brown people!!!!"

  5. 1 IN 11…
    10 million facing eviction? It's more like 30 to 50 million if you factor in the impact of 10 million homeless will have as a drag on the economy. With that kind of mind boggling number working against an economic rebound, those who have little restaurants, boutique stores, repair shops, and so on won't have customers to help them pay expenses and soon they too will be on the street. The nation needs a complete reset and it needs it yesterday or January 6th will look like a picnic compared to what's coming when the hammer falls. Here's another way to think of it. Let's say our essential workers (90 million persons) were soldiers at war. They fought the invisible enemy (Covid) and then were sent home but were not taken care of by those who asked them to risk their lives and stay at their posts. So they get home, they don't have money for rent or mortgage, and the government just shrugs and turns their back. This proves there is absolutely no humanity in humans.