Krystal Ball: Huma WHITEWASHES Clintons Revealing Neoliberal Rot

Krystal Ball gives her perspective on the memoir written by lifelong Clinton aide Huma Abedin that glorifies Hillary Clinton and reveals the soul sucking nature of working in DC politics

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  1. Favorite part of HRC career is her being booed by the Chicano community and general student body at East Los Angeles College on May 5th (“Cinco de Mayo”🙄lol) 2016. Look it up! Hilarious! Killary not welcomed in our community!

  2. Typically, I prefer mysteries over fantasy lit, so thanks for reading this for me. ANYTHING to do with HRC can never be taken as truth, since I doubt that even she knows what truth is anymore. HRC has been lying politically since Watergate, so after almost 50 years, we should know not to look to her for truth.

  3. Loyalty served her well in the past, and she didn't cash in on spilling the beans on HRC, the DNC and her husband and the whole establishment political/corporate machine…..because that book would've sold like a muther….or got her killed.

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