Krystal Ball: Kamala Staffers FLEE Like Rats Off A Sinking Ship

Krystal provides a roundup of the staffers of VP Kamala Harris who are fleeing her office in droves due to terrible polling numbers and a dysfunctional workplace environment

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  1. Speaking as a black person we like Kamala. The problem is pundits like this who listen to what white liberals staffers say and don’t even miss a chance to quote something about a black woman being lazy

  2. Everyone knows her origin story. She was already vastly out of her league in the Senate. Now she's in the perfect job for her, with nothing substantial she really HAS to do, and she still can't even remotely pull it off. She's the perfect vice president for this Administration anyway though. They're both dumb, highly inadequate corporate stooges.

  3. Harris needs to orchestrate some hate crime against her .. pick someone in Congress from a red state.

    Make sure he white and str8.

    Harris needs to do an other out of country tour for the next 2.5years.

  4. Harris fought to keep a proven innocent man in prison while in California. You were all told this during the primary. Yet you all cheered and voted for her and Biden anyway. Color me shocked that she is proving to suck.

  5. And there you go, guys, the power of the great Democratic corporate elites who look out for the welfare of the masses. Unfortunately, the masses are not so “sophisticated “to vote for their right candidates.🙄

  6. Wow what a surprise….Krystal and Saagar aren't making a segment on the Tucker asking Hunter Biden to help get his kid into college. It's almost like their media criticisms has a very generous blind spot for him. I know Saagar & Krystal get a lot of flack at times (some undeserved) but covering for Tucker is a legitimate one.

    Interestingly, anyone else notice a growing divide between Kyle's and Krystal's takes? I have to admit that he's stayed true to his past comments when it comes to prominent right figures but Krystal seems to be increasingly granting passes to those with a semblance of crossover viewers…

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