Krystal Ball: Media SILENT as Donziger JAILED, Assange PROSECUTED

Krystal covers two major injustices happening now in the legal system as lawyer Steven Donziger is sent to jail and Julian Assange could be expedited to the United States shortly

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Written by Breaking Points


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  1. YouTube has severely restricted the viewership of this video and they have demonetized it, but we are appealing the decision because we believe in reporting the news even when it is uncomfortable.

  2. This is the video leaked by Bradley Manning in 2012ish. I was in the military at the time. They told us to stay offline. They later turned Bradley Manning into woman and put in a mens prison. His name is now Chelsea Manning courtesy of the US Government.

  3. Merrick Gardland, the guy who mobilized the FBI against "terrorist parents" for the crime of attending school board meetings, is going to free Julian Assange?
    Krystal my dear…

  4. The only reason I come onto youtube is that everyone uploads their content here. We need a real alternative to youtube because the censorship is beyond ridiculous.

  5. Is BP's viewership really this dumb? As much as I disagree with youtube's BS, as much as I think they do censor both creators and commentators… You showed a video of 8 people being murdered in cold blood. Whether I personally think this needs a warning or not, it hardly seems easy to jump to the conclusion that the censorship was over donziger and assange being the topic. I mean, the collateral murder videos SHOULD be considered disturbing, inappropriate content if anything is. Again, I'm sure youtube has a double standard when it comes to this stuff but… come on.

  6. Wow, YouTube flagged this as inappropriate, as if it's something terrible, this really shows how far these people well go to put actuall hero's into prison and silencing them and the coverage.

  7. STOP CENSORING MY CONTENT, YouTube! It is truly offensive in a presumably free country. The truth is, our country is profoundly broken and justice is nearly dead. We are F***’ed.

  8. wow I got a message saying this video may be inappropriate or offensive to some youtube audiences?? this is ridiculous thank you for covering these extremely important news stories, you guys are doing an amazing job thank you!

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