Krystal Ball: Media SILENT as MASSIVE Strike Wave ROILS the Country

Krystal provides details on the massive labor strike wave taking place around the country that is getting completely ignored by mainstream media outlets

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  1. I find myself surprised to say Workers Of the World Unite seems more fitting now than ever before. If the Corporate Companies keep pushing their Covid fear and reduced support for workers the full scale of this early movements will become impossible to stop.

  2. Third time commenting, as my comments keep disappearing mysteriously.

    Krystal provides really nice pro-work rhetoric, which is great, except that she's pro-vaccine mandate, which is about as anti-worker as you can get. Who do you think the mandates are going to affect? ONLY the deplorables? Who cares about the the majority of black Americans in NYC who don't want the COVID vaccine? How about the 70,000 health care workers that are going to be fired and replace by…the national guard??

    Are these all dumbass right wing Trumpers? The vaccine mandate has nothing to do with science, but it sure will be a big boost to big pharma profits. Who cares about all of the Americans who want to exercise freedom of thought and choice concerning their own bodies though, right?

  3. Im glad more strikes are happening. We need massive general strikes but I know that's not going to happen anytime soon but its going to be inevitable because I believe that people are starting to slowly wake up to realize that our 2 party system doesn't work anymore. People are starting to get fed up with our minimum wage and want better pay as well. We do need 20 plus minimum wages. Anything under 20 bucks an hour is not livable by any means.

  4. as a ex democrat ….i want to congratulate the rich with their ping pong politics with the dems and repubs both stooges of the rich …voters may eventually stop voting for these traitorous political parties….my bet is another trump presidency…before we have finally had enough of this BS….whether we have the vote stole or we as a people are just to blinded…..lets save america ….STOP THE MADNESS JUST SAY NO MORE DEMS OR REPUBS IN AMERICA…………..SOS AMERICA

  5. Corporate media are also fairly in obfuscation about chip shortages and how much that has to do with labor shortages for tech in Asia.
    This pandemic has inadvertently showed how much this Capitalist system doesn’t work for the majority of the overworked and stressed out working class.

  6. Striking shouldn’t be seen as the last and only no choice option, it ought to be just one of many first steps in the working class recognizing they have power and to consider the creation of a better alternative economic system.

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