Krystal Ball: Pete PLOTS 2024 As Voters Grab PITCHFORKS

Krystal evaluates Pete Buttigieg’s tenure as Transportation Secretary given his plotting behind the scenes for a potential 2024 campaign despite outrage at the dysfunctional airlines

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Tobias Harris:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. That was funnnny!> “Larping” at their jobs? Yes, that is exactly what our current cr_p of politicians do, and it would be soooo infinitely and deliciously funnier if we didn’t ACTUALLY DIRELY NEEEEEED commonsense and vision-endowed, mature, incorruptible, patriotic, responsibly “general good”/WE THE PEOPLE -serving government “yesterday+”!!!

  2. There is no authority in the US Constitution for the US federal government to have any involvement in any way in transportation. As per the 10th amendment to the Constitution, it is a states rights issue. The entire department should be dissolved and all federal expenditures to the department be halted immediately.

  3. Plz no I can’t handle the suburbs of Michigan dancing to High Hopes and fawning over Pete’s world salad speeches 😭😭😭

    Prepping my anti-identity politics arguments as we speak.

    **correction: as I angrily rant to myself.

  4. reading the comments. Nice viewership you have here. congrats on your transition to a RWNJ 😆

    also, so enjoying to see that Pete still has you pressed as he will do for the next 30 years 😆 🤣 😂

  5. 🙄yes how dare a man take paternity leave while his infant child is in the hospital. What a terrible way of showing leadership. I hate when my leaders practice what they preach, why can’t they be more fake??

  6. If Pete tries to run for Governor of Michigan, I'm going to move back so I can vote against him. Michigan needs a true social democrat, not another centrist. The state has so much potential to be a major hub for economic growth in the midwest (outside of Chicago city).

  7. LMFAO…….Mayor Pete is at the highest level he will ever attain in government right now, it's only downhill from here for him…If Democrats prop this guy up for anything it is because they don't want to win, Sorry but it has to be said…..America is not ready for Pete and if this is all the left has (to throw-up) in 2024 besides Biden … Sh*tshow is quite the understatement

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