Krystal Ball: The Left’s SELF DEFEATING Joe Rogan Take

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  1. Amen Krystal! I think this is one if not the biggest problem with the left. If you do not pass all purity tests or do not fit neatly in the prescribed lefty box, you are tarred and feathered, often treated worse than truly vile people. It is absolutely insane.

  2. Let’s just recognize that the Democratic Party leadership is in the tank for the establishment. The establishment dislikes people being able to broadcast “wrong think.”

  3. Krystal. What you are complaining about the left doing to Joe. You are just as guilty. Not covering people honestly. Please do not bother acting like you are a victim. You are just like the so called 'journalists' you complain about. I used to watch your show avidly about 2 years ago. But I noticed the same dishonest 'journalism' I hated about MSNBC and CNN coming from your mouth. I forgot you existed until Joe let you on his podcast. You don't deserve that honor.

  4. Honestly I like Krystal and Saagar and Rogan has been great for their reach but the cold hard facts are that he's a rich out of touch anything but everyman shill. Ever since COVID the real Joe Rogan has exposed himself as an out of touch dinosaur. The amount of comments trying to paint Joe as an average Joe are just as out of touch as the man himself. He's a rich man that lives in an ivory tower looking down on homeless people telling themselves to get themselves together. I guess they should all start a podcast, go to an open mic and jump in the sauna and it'll be all ok right Joe? This is coming from someone who use to watch him regularly, took COVID to make me see the light. He's just a grifter.

  5. In our modern political landscape Rogan is considered rightwing. Anti-identity politics, pro-gun, anti-lockdown and mask mandates, anti-trans women in womens sports, pro-police, endorsed DeSantis led Florida as the most sane state in the country etc etc. In reality he’s a heterodox thinker that isnt married to an ideology like many of us but these days that’s considered right wing. Again look who gets praised by vs criticized by the most

  6. I just wanna know the story of how she knows the difficulty level of Pegging Joe Rogan. I would have never taken Joe to be such a man, however Krystle Ball comes across as a person who could get the job done.

  7. I get it to be fair but F**k Joe Rogan. Especially when he said the n word on his little podcast to be funny. I do appreciate the fact yall are fair tho. Because of someone like myself that may be biased.

  8. "Defund" is not the only tactic for reducing policing and therefore increasing crime. I would like to see some statistics on where crime is up and the analysis around that. When the Mayor or police commissioner takes the side of criminals, crime will go up, regardless if the police are "defunded" or not.

  9. "You have do like $900 worth of theft before they'll even arrest you"

    What f'ing world does he live in? In some states stealing as much as $500 worth of goods is considered a felony.

    "Also the idea that you are going to send social workers to handle someone's domestic violence case is f***ing bananas!"

    Wrong. Rather, social workers to handle mental illness, suicide attempts, etc. Not violent cases. His sources are wrong.

  10. In stead of defunding the Police, why not supervise the police. Make Police answer to the society they proport to protect. Jail crooked cops (and robbers). Promote the smarter, better cops and stop hiring base on low IQ. Make Cops serve society rather than prey on economically disadvantaged groups, regardless of color (yes color does equal worse treatment but it is not the only factor), education or neighborhood. Just a thought. This is how 5 year old's think the world works.

  11. Breaking points is such a good show to watch it really cuts through the bullshit and bring listeners /viewers the facts and let us all make up our own minds.