Krystal Ball: Top 5 Media LIES of 2021

Krystal looks back at the top media lies told in 2021 from a long and extensive list of spins and falsehoods to choose from

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  1. Afghanistan….There are ways to do things and not to do things. On Biden's orders it was done as badly as possible
    Inflation….It is a classic theory of economics. Increase the money supply relative to the supply of goods and services and you will have inflation. If greed was the response, why do those greedy business owners have to wait for an excuse? Just raise prices whenever you want.

  2. Madcow and Fouci both need to be locked away in a loony bin. Not sure how 80 thousand new lRS agents were going to stop "climate disaster" but, hey, whatever helps you sleep better.

  3. Ive never seen that final clip before, and it really was shocking. Just as they started to discuss anything with substance and actual real world significance the host visibly panicked in her scramble to shut it down. Didn't journalists used to LIKE hard hitting news and discussion??!!

  4. Always appreciate the great work & honest insights that you bring to the issues facing this nation.

    Unfortunately, I feel like the upcoming midterm bloodbath & the likely Republican takeover of the White House in 2024 is going to revivify the Corporate Cable Ghouls.

  5. Hey Krystal!! The retreat from Afghanistan was a sad debacle!! Let’s not forget the thirteen soldiers that were killed!! 🤬🤬🤬🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. The biggest lie came from the fauxgressive neoliberal Democrats who failed to keep one promise they made before the 2020 sElection. The first one broken was by Biden who failed to give us the $2,000 he promised if Georgia would elect two Democrats to the Senate.

  7. Oh, please. Withdrawing from Afghanistan = great. Leaving American citizens behind = abject failure. Had he avoided the latter, the rest of the complaining would have fallen on mostly deaf ears.

  8. Inflation doesn't mean HIGH prices, it means INCREASING prices. So, if it's caused by corporate greed….were the corporations not greedy under Trump? Did they become greedy when Biden was inaugurated? Just wondering…

  9. Maddow got around the lying issue by stating that her show is opinion based and the "facts" she presents are opinions open to interpretation, not outright lies. I don't agree with Krystal's Afghanistan assessment as every part of the withdrawal was botched, the Afghanis disagree with her as well (except the Taliban as they definitely liked the way Biden withdrew). My wife and I are currently trying to get out an Afghan woman stuck in rural Afghanistan, she is definitely scared to be there now. We are sponsoring her to come to Australia.

  10. I still don't understand this show's emphasis on the media criticism of the Afghanistan withdrawal. What am I missing? My experience of all that criticism was not about *THAT* we withdrew but *HOW* we withdrew. I agree there should have been a HELL of a lot more mention about the actual decision to make the withdrawal. But the way I see it the imbalance was the *ABSENCE* of positive coverage of the decision *TO* withdraw, and NOT some active critique of the *FACT* of withdrawal. Isn't it true that the withdrawal was callous, ill-planned and reckless? I thought there was so much more that could've been done to prevent the chaos, like, first of all, abandoning the notion that the Afghan Army was actually going to fight against the Taliban and, then second, negotiating directly with the Taliban. That sounds to me like it would've offered the US an opportunity to surrender with dignity, instead of what it did do, which was pretend it wasn't surrendering and ceding the battlefield to an army that was not at all disposed to continuing our bullshit war. What am I missing?

  11. Thank you so much Krystal!!! I really don't know how to convey how much I appreciate your point of view, and the clarity in which you present it. To keep it simple, I'll just say you're killin' it girl. I am so grateful for the work that everyone at Breaking Points are producing. I trust you all will keep it up. Happy Chrismahanikwanzika y'all!!!!✌️🤟🤘🤙🖖🙏

    3) ………….. MAD COW MADOV :))
    4) ………….
    5) Panama Papers prove HOW CORRUPT US POLITICIANS ARE!!

  13. Businesses always look like they are doing good at the start of bad inflation. Because the wages take a year to catch up. But people are going to stop spending more and more at time and inflation marches on and businesses and individuals will be screwed together.

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