Krystal Ball: US ADMITS It May Block Ukraine Peace Deal

Krystal looks at how the lesser covered US foreign policy decisions on the war in Ukraine could jeopardize peace talks and lead to greater destruction due to a prolonged war effort

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Murtaza Hussain:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. “A guerrilla insurgency can basically continue indefinitely…Russia’s vastly superior military tech will ultimately prevail” 1:18 WOW maybe you should tell the Afgans! What absolute nonsense.

  2. A it becomes clear the US/NATO and Ukraine are not negotiating in good faith with Russia to end the bloodshed, it is CRUCIAL that ALL news organizations dedicated to truth AND preventing an all-out nuclear apocalypse bring to light FACTS about the MASSIVE, UNILATERAL infestation of Ukraine’s gov’t and society with avowed, admitted, acknowledged and unashamed NEO-NAZI elements. These elements CONTROL Ukraine and are anathema to Russia. The US has funded, trained, armed, supported these NeoNazis in EVERY way. This MUST be brought to light NOW. The fate of the world depends on the TRUTH BEING KNOWN. Russia will never accede to a NeoNazi NATO sewer on its border.

  3. At some point you also have to start walking back the "Russia is the aggressor" talk. By saying that all you're doing is whitewashing everything that has happened in Eastern Europe since 1999 and everything that has been happening in Ukraine since 2009-10. Catch up please.

  4. Why should Ukrainians negotiate? Why shouldn't they do everything within their power to kill every Russian soldier and separatist in Ukraine? Why shouldn't they do whatever they need to do to protect their homeland?

  5. We should militarily support them for as long as Ukraine want. Ukraine are wining and will win. Putin must lose. It was never about NATO, Putin just wants to reduce every country around his to a sympathetic dictatorship and that needs to be resisted as long as necessary.

  6. I disagree with Krystal on Russia hold an advantage on bleeding edge weaponry. They have some hypersonic missiles but they lack the ability to conduct targeted air strikes, precision guided munitions and our in plane radar is much more advanced. They have a good missile defense system (s400 and S500) but they don’t have enough missiles to counter all of nato war planes.

  7. Krystal: "Russia has a large conventional military and are holding back so why should Ukrainians bother? Just roll over because Russia big and insurgent tactics won't win"

    Vietnam and Afghanistan are about to bite their tongues clear off right now.

  8. As unlikely as it seems, I would probably shy away from absolute predictions. It bit Obama with “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” It bit Saangar when he said “Russia will not invade.” And it bit those who thought this war would be over in a day.

  9. The US and NATO and EU blocked the damn Minsk Agreement for 7 years !


    What did you expect ?
    The US/NATO and EU , have no use for peace in Ukraine , they've been a force in support of the propagation of NAZI ideology in the Ukrainian government and military and censorship of media outlets and attacking members of the opposition in Ukraine , for the past 7 years !

    What did you really expect ?

  10. It's funny to hear so many people discussing the Russian military as if it was the Soviet military. 🙄 Will Ukraine win? Keep Ukraine completely intact? Probably not. But Russia can't hold Ukraine; they do NOT have the ground troops. They couldn't hold Afghanistan, they couldn't hold eastern Europe; this is not the Soviet Union. It's going to be a bloody mess. I just keep hoping someone offs Putin.

  11. RUSSIA DID NOT TAKE OVER CRIMEA! The people of Crimea voted overwhelmingly to leave Ukraine and join Russia.
    RUSSIA DID NOT START THE WAR! It was started in 2014 when US/NATO/Nazi terrorist invaded and overthrew a democratically elected Ukraine government. Then they proceeded to slaughter thousands of Eastern Ukraine citizens over the next eight years until Russia finally came to their rescue.
    For you to parrot easily discredited US Ministry of Propaganda proves you are just another member of the MSM propagandists.

  12. O.M.G. THE HYPERSONIC MISSILE MEANS NOTHING!!! Are the Ukrainians somehow blocking the normal speed Russian missiles??? So how does a faster, super expensive missile help?!! It's STUPID. It's only being used to impress dumb press people!

  13. It amazes me how these americans have no idea that this war was raging since 2014 and Ukraine had been shelling the Donbass for all those years killing 14,000+ civilians in the process. So Ms. uninformed Ball, Russia is not the aggressor here its your NATO allies who armed and trained those Ukranianians who were slaughtering the civilians in Donbass.

  14. Ukraine remains that last country on Russia's border that is NOT part of NATO. Even tho NATO and the US promised not to "expand 1" to the east" when the USSR agreed to reunify Germany, they have broken that promise and expanded eastward to the Russian border. The US has always had an agenda to get Ukraine into NATO and that was the ONLY non-negotiable item in the peace discussions before the invasion. Now, it sounds like Zelensky is willing to have Ukraine remain neutral to end the war. Making that decision a month ago would have saved many lives on both sides.

  15. "False hope" wow… Your "pro-peace" stance is compilation to a strong man. If the Ukraine people want to fight for an unconditional surrender they can do so. They understand the risk far more then you. You would have made a deal with Japan just to end war and would have given up the Philippines and Hawaii. "Oh well we shouldn't have been there anyway and where just antagonizing the Japanese by having our fleet at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese have the biggest fleet on earth! Providing weapons to the Philippines and other Japanese occupied places is just giving them FALSE HOPE! We need to negotiate for peace, except some territorial loses, and expect that some of these places will forever be under Japanese influence. Then we can avoid more killing" You make me sick and FDR would be ashamed of a "progressive" like you.

  16. I like how Obama was worried about creating false hope by flooding weapons into Ukraine………………..
    Might have maybe wanted to worry BEFORE helping facilitate a coup to throw out the Russian stooge in Ukraine in 2014.

    In other news, Obama helps open floodgates and then shows concern for possible floods.

  17. You're starting to sound a bit caricatural on the depiction of politics and mainstream media. Refusing to be partisan should mean refusing to depict the other as a villain. But you're starting to indulge a bit too much in this polarization between independents and mainstream forces.

  18. 2:32 "Ukrainians falsely believe that they could win this war outright" lol who the fuck are you Krystal to decide whether that's false? Jesus, I feel like I'm watching a fucking Russian propaganda network here recently

  19. America was built on guerilla insurgency, on that point, you are really not correct. That being said Geography always wins, worth sitting down and taking a look at it. A river runs through it, might be key.

  20. I've yet to see any actual evidence that the Ukranians are inflicting majorl osses on Russia beyond MSM/MIC propaganda. Yet it seems Krystal is getting her operational combat data from the terrible retired generals the cable shows trot out. They used to be better. Fear of massive propagandized subscribers ditching them if they spend any significant time on America pushing Ukraine into this and Ukraine not really being able to put up much of a fight seems to be driving this, there's really no other answer.. If the Russians had no concerns about collateral damage this would've been over 2 weeks ago.

  21. They sold ukraine false hope. And thinking they can win. While Russia is not even using 40% of force… the longer this runs the more pain and misery the Ukrainian people will suffer now and many years to come after this war…

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