Krystal & Saagar: Photos Of Bill Clinton Massaged By Epstein Victim Released HOURS Before DNC Speech

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti share their thoughts on new photos allegedly showing former President Bill Clinton with Jeffrey Epstein accuser, Chauntae Davies.

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  1. Even though that intern "ML" gave the DNA on Clinton, there are still people doubting his involvement….lol….we definitely live in a very strange world……these days it is how far you can stretch the truth and get away with it!!!!!

  2. Epstein was a great manipulators
    In 2007-2008 Alex Acosta a republican was attorney of the southern district of Florida
    Epstein was convicted of human trafficking and Acosta gave him a sweetheart deal to plead guilty of a single state charge of solicitation in exchange for a federal non persecution
    In 2019 Epstein was arrested and the sweetheart deal was out on the open
    Acosta then Secretary of labor resigned
    The question are why did he gave Epstein such a deal
    Why Donald Barr(Bill Barr father)
    Gave Epstein a job as a math teacher in Dalton college without any qualifications or experience
    Why Bill Barr visited the jail the day that Epstein die
    You know all that talk about presidents primce and all kinds of famous people produces good ratings but no justice to some very guilty people in high places in the government and most importantly to the victims
    So please talk about what's important not some side show

  3. Investigate all taxes from Democrats. Gavin Newsom Gavin Newsom's California $ 3.7 million mansion is the result of money laundering in a GIFT PACKAGE paid in cash from someone his brother (nothing free in the US) this is robbery by the Democrats

  4. The internet makes it harder for people to hide
    If you work for the BBC – aside from Saville – how do you continue more shielding of peados ? How do you sleep at night ?

    Is you career that important ?

  5. Clinton flew Lolita-Airways merely to visit the Pope and because this airline these 26 times had special rebate on tickets to the Vatican. Probably he got miles-and-more on Lolita-Airways.

  6. Your voices are very annoying. Can you get them dubbed?
    besides being a nerd… those voices are so annoying. Pitch and humor definately you both never were the cool kids. Oh nice cut but not your style.

  7. Interesting how tucker fell off and wasn't heard from for years after making 20 million in rush hour 2 and 3 . Maybe he decides to get out of that ring

  8. The reason why Lewinsky was such a huge story was to hide the Epstein mess… Epstein involves all sides….. Hollywood… dems… Republicans… foreign royalty….. ect.

  9. Everyone needs to read The Convenient Death. The worker on Epstein's Island has conveniently died. I have said it before and I will say it again. Any witness to Clinton crime disappear.

  10. I had no relations of any kind with this women. ( Please believe me let me go) Slick Willy how do you get a name like that. Girls won’t say because we know what happens. Arkancide.!

  11. Bill Clinton could run for President and still win the democrap nomination and maybe even the White House again. That is today's demoncrap party.

  12. First of all, the guy who says he saw bill clinton there in the documentary is in no way credible. He was clearly a distance away and there's no way he knew for sure that was him. Anyone can say anything and hundreds of thousands of people have degrees in editing photos, so I think you are jumping to the gun quite frankly and I'm not a democratic supporter – but I don't think you've shown any actual evidence OR maybe you guys are just useless commentary… but you really OUGHT to teach people how to VET the information

  13. Wait for the tapes, have a guess how many cameras in each room/ toilets/ shower's, all going to come out , Krystal and Saagar, why no talking about the human trafficking law's, way fair been caught selling a cushion for $13,000 for 1 , old lady wonder's why so dear?? So she clicked, naked babies, 4-7 years old, way fair CEO resigned ASAP, also locker's so cheap , but again $30,000, again she clicks wondering why so dear?? Not only a basically naked child, the locker's had a missing kids names on each locker, either way fair, or/ and Amazon together…. Thank's to the lady for catching this other scam…not hiding anything anymore…. Y'all say destruction in 2021, how when y'all be locked up, mandatory 10 year's, if you are only breaking curfew, good protesters go home , everyone wearing a mask is helping to be able to be recognized just by your eye's, y'all think that y'all got away scot free….no by 2021 y'all be locked up, if kamala toe gets in all black folks going to jail, remember her plan to charge parents who are struggling and she's laughing about it, look Willie Brown going to Congress, no for questions, for a blowy from kamel toe Harris VP….

  14. Where the hell was crooked Hillary? Just like Hillary should have been the first one on her knees years ago in the Oval office when Bill was President, again Hillary should have been doing the massage for Billy boy far from home. That's called stand by your child predator husband. Bill got his freak on by having the young sweet thing massage him far away from home in secret. Lock him up.

  15. Chelsea must be so proud of daddy. Of course, there's all that Clinton cash to pave her journey through life. Question: What would the range in ages of girls-women Clinton has been involved with be? He seems to like them under aged and somewhat older than himself (at least in the past). Would this be considered Bipolar? From an observer it appears a very important female in his life must have emasculated him and to take back his power he's using it to engage with all the women he can get away with. Forever young "Oh, Billy-Boy! God Bless America and ladies walk on the other side of the street.

  16. So much for using these phony view and praise numbers to even help the Kennedys stay alive in their home state of Massachusetts. I wouldn't be surprised if Kennedy Democrats have been working with Republicans to use allegations against Bill to cover up the fact that they more than likely have extra-maritial children

  17. Remember when liberals yelled "conspiracy theory" when everyone was exposing his involvement in child/human trafficking? Conspiracy Facts they mean. All thier incompetent perspectives that the competent ones know aren't conspiracy theories. Well, all those theories we are exposing are being proven as facts!