Kurt Metzger on Comedy in Communist China

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Emmy-winning writer and comedian Kurt Metzger, who wrote for Who is America? and Inside Amy Schumer, stops by to talk comedy with the Useful Idiots.

We figured since August is wrapped, it’s probably time we all had a Summer Friday. So instead of talking death in Ukraine and poverty in the US, Kurt shares stories of running from Chinese cops, illegal standup comedy in Shanghai, joining (and then ditching) the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and, most importantly, how he’d look with Katie’s hair.

When the Useful Idiots decide to go silly, we’re no-nonsense about it. So we also enroll in the new college major Lesbian Dance Theory, chat about stoned (and dry-diapered) President Brandon in a fighter jet, and announce a watch party for the new off-the-wall Hunter Biden movie (watch the trailer with us in the four food groups).

And subscribe for the full episode, including the extended interview with Kurt Metzger on call-out culture, Youtube suppression, and whatever the hell is going on with that “robot with salmon eyes” Mark Zuckerberg.

It’s all this, and more, on this week’s episode of Useful Idiots. Check it out.

0:00 Intro
1:58 Four basic food groups of news
15:57 New report: US stopped peace talks between Ukraine and Russia
22:37 Biden stoned moment
24:09 Kurt Metzger interview

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  1. Yeah, the Hollywood version of Hunter Biden is so much more fun than the unvarnished reality of it and the media coverup's election interference. It successfully normalizes and manufactures public acceptance of U.S. political corruption as Hollywood does for war, torture and all other military atrocities. How entertaining.

  2. I believe when Marco Rubio talks about repaying his student loan, he meant to say that the American people are paying his student loan. I would also like the government to pay for housing, Cadillac medical care, $300,000 salary, education both k-12 and college! All at the same time that they are paying our citizen’s student loan! Just like we do for Marco Rubio, his family and the rest of congress. Somehow we can “afford “ to take care of them and war. Just not our own citizens.

  3. I think Biden meant. A AR15 isn't gonna be able to take down our government. It would require private citizens owning F15 jets to be able to do that. So there isn't a point in owning a AR15 anyways.

    Personally I'm Moderate to Pro Gun.

    I believe that if we addressed Socioeconomic and did a restructuring of our economy. That would reduce gun deaths and other crimes ALOT.

    Legalize Drugs
    Redistribute Economic Power and Ownership.

    Here's what I think would be a compromise position to keep a physical revolution from happening with Capitalist.

    1. Federal Profit Sharing Mandate
    2. Federal Mandatory Union Vote Holiday Weekend
    3. Stock buyback are either Band or Tax at 100%. (If you purchase $100m of your own stock, you will thus have a $100m tax bill aswell)
    4. Workers are given 0% interest federal loans to purchase their workplaces from the previous owner if they ship the job overseas or close their doors. They are also given first dibs in buying the property. (Worker Co-ops)

    5. For every cent in Dividends paid out to shareholders of a Public company, workers will also be paid the same amount into their retirement fund. (this is alongside normal yearly mandatory contributions to retirements, since dividends can be taken away)

    Stock tax (Each share of stock purchase or sale is given a 5 cent tax, penny stocks excluded ofcourse)

    Elimination of income tax on people making under 60k a year.
    Income taxes would go as follows.
    0- 70k = 0%
    70k-90k = 5%
    100k-120k = 10%
    120k -160k = 15%
    160k – 200k = 20%
    200k – 300k = 25%
    300k – 500k = 30%
    500k – 750k = 40%
    750k – 1m = 50%
    1m – 5m = 60%
    5m – 10m = 70%
    10m – 20m = 80%
    20m – 40m = 90%
    40m+ = 100%

    Death tax = 50%(everybody) /
    100% (for any estate valuation surplus over 50 million)

  4. Kurt was surprisingly oblivious to racial dynamics of white “expats” in China with their “Chinese wives” who host comedy shows marketed towards other white expats with Chinese wives.

  5. 23:58 No I think Biden meant F15, the context was if people wanted to fight the government. The government has a military, fighter jets, tanks, all kinds of weapons, so guns aren't going to be enough to fight the government with. Isn't that gun marketing, that people should arm themselves against a potential system gone bad, if the government became "commie"?

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