Kyiv Shaken By Blasts As Aerial Vehicle Shot Down

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  1. И нет, это вы своей пво сбивая ракеты, сбили свою единственную пожалуй сушку 27ю🤣 есть подтвержденые данные

  2. Putin hoped that the war of aggression against Ukraine would be settled quickly, but the Russians may not have expected to encounter stubborn resist。
    普京希望对乌克兰的侵略战争可以速战速决,没想到俄国人遇到了顽强地抵抗。As a Chinese, I strongly condemn Putin's Russia and hope that Ukraine will be peaceful and all Ukrainians will be safe.作为中国人我强烈谴责普京的俄罗斯,希望乌克兰和平,所有乌克兰人平安。

  3. You guys hopefully know that the explosion footage is from 2015 Tianjin China factory explosion. Don't trust anybody in this early days. 90 percent of images are fake. Propaganda war over your emotions. Be vigilant. Politics are immensely complex.

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