Kyle Dunnigan Show Live – clips – Ryan Phillippe Promocode: KyleD
Ryan Phillippe
co-write: Kurt Metzger
Producer: Jessica Montes

Written by KyleDunnigan


  1. I knew a man "Boe Jiden" and
    He'd dance for you
    In worn out shoes
    Silver hair
    A ragged shirt
    And baggy pants
    The old Soft Shoe………….. Mr. Boe Jiden, Mr Boe Jiden……

  2. You know how when Syl partakes of a drink or snack, it disappears behind the digitized mask? That effect could be put to good dramatic use in a child-sniff..

  3. At first glance I thought this was a new fresh prez episode and got as excited as joe biden in an elementary school. Now I'm sadder than hunter with an empty bag of parmesan.

  4. I can’t thank you enough for this. I’m in Louisiana without power- it’s so freaking hot and humid! watching your vids really help me feel better! You’re my fave! Thanks again❤️