Kyle Kondik: Is ‘Wokeness’ Hurting Dems Politically? | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar bring elections expert Kyle Kondik back on the show to discuss the impact woke politics had on the VA election results and his new book on house elections

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  1. The speaker is kinda shifty. 'Accademic Left' as if it doesn't have a major influence on the Democrat party. The same with claiming election irregularities are a Republican 'lie' when Progressives accuse the Democrat party of them during the primary.

  2. 'dems' don't care because they're attempting a coup. the narrative is a tool towards that end but mostly as a distraction while they try to take away our rights. don't get caught up in the details because that will leave you one step behind the whole time.

  3. So it took an excerpt for this channel to mention the woke defeat in Seattle and Buffalo. I want to like this show, but you two seem way too partisan when you don't even mention stuff like that.

  4. All Republican Propaganda B.S.! The Republcans have to tell you what they stand for as they can nor tell the truth for fear of extinction. They actual stand for only the 1%, nothing more nothing less!

  5. The democrats would be unelectable without the media and it is the media who are promoting the woke politics.
    Democrats are in a vicious circle that will spiral downwards.

  6. Let me try and figure out what this guy is saying. Center-left Dems do not like the ideas of less police in their neighborhoods, care about education and crime, do not prefer enforced mandates, and thats a good thing. Center-Right, LIbertarians and Republicans have been arguing this exact thing for quite a while now, but that is just a talking point and are "comfortable with dems" being upset. Why cant these issues be non-partisan? It seems partisan af even when people admit that both parties essentially agree.

  7. The issue is democrats don’t realize why immigrant hispanic workers don’t like them when the issue is quite simple. We come from countries where all they are proposing has been done and failed.

  8. It's not just politically damaging. It's just damaging. Stop letting doomscrolling crazies run the party, corporate giants, non-profits and media conglomerates- it's migraine inducing to normal people and not picking up on that is infuriating to voters….

  9. This happens every mid term election. Now the progressives are joining with Republicans and Democrats by smacking people from the left to the right and back again. No policies More punditry.

  10. I think it’s”woke-ness” breaking Republican/Conservative/Fascist brains… being woke just means that you’re aware of social ills and racial bias.
    For Carvill and even Saagar it’s a catch all for anything they don’t like… which to me shows how much more similar corporate libs and Fasc faux populist/conservatives ideologies are

  11. Mis-characterized? Hardly. The "academic left" is a cancer. A garbage fire that has gone on too long and possibly done damage to the left that won't be repaired for quite some time. Divisive, racist, stupid bullshit waged by children and young adults who were indoctrinated into a CULT when they were educated. Taught what to think instead of how to think. They are our tea party, and if we don't grab them by the neck and start telling them NO then we'll have much worse problems coming up.

  12. The dems are and will lose because the public is noticing that their promises to help regular people are lies and they are no different than the republicans in their ardent support for corporations.

  13. Now james carville opinion is valid for Breaking points . He is clinton political hack. When their corp candidate loses ohhh its always the woke or progressive fault, Manchin and senima blocking the build back better bill has nothing to do with this. If manchin is running on the dem ticket I am not voting for him

  14. ‘Woke’ is becoming a joke. In the near future, woke people and attitudes will become easily identified resulting in none of these peoples opinions will matter to anyone. ‘Woke’ is such an insulting word thanks, in part, to The elections in Virginia.

  15. When voters are presented with a choice between a Right-wing-corporatist disguised as a "Leftist" [Terry McAuliffe] vs. an authenic Right-wing-populist [Glenn Youngkin], they'll go with the more honest of the two.

  16. The biggest problem is the comments “we” (democrats) and “them”(republicans) basically saying he cares about democrats and not the policies or people. Just partisan, which is the problem to be honest.

  17. The Dems have become a mirror image of the Christian Right from years ago. Except now the cultists worship at the alter of Wokē, not Jesus.
    They have learned that race and lgbt and feminist and Muslim grifting is easier than actual economic and military and social reforms, so they serve the same slop as the reps with a few tweaks, but they say up front that they want to serve whites last.
    The white phobic moral panic of the far left has infected everything. The sooner the Dems become the adult in the room to tell these dumb fuck kids to piss off while the grown ups talk, the sooner I’ll have any confidence in burning a singular calorie in support of the Democratic Party.

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