Kyle Kulinski Omits Ana Kasparian’s Blackmail Of Jimmy Dore From Video

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  1. I’ve noticed Kyle has increasingly been going soft on people he disagrees with. He was totally pathetic on Joe Rogan the other week. Kyle let dummy Joe rant against Medicare for all with hardly a peep of resistance from him.

  2. Jimmy, I aDore you, but Kyle had a fair point when he called you out on your ‘inappropriate’ remark. You didn’t need to say that to address her bullshit. As a matter of fact, that is not just about Ana, but about all women. It would be about me, if I decided to wear a short skirt. You only decide for yourself what you deem appropriate, not for anyone else. It is too bad that the focus now shifted to where it shouldn’t be, because Ana does a fine job at making her look vile and stupid all by herself.

  3. “Are they clutching their pearls while masturbating?” hahahaha God I love Stef <3 keep doing your work Jimmy, but look after yourself. Carrying TRUE progressive independent media all by yourself on your own shoulders will take its toll. Kyle intentionally ignored why you felt the need to bring up the Ana anecdote. He’s smart. He knows exactly what he was doing and it’s disappointing to see. Everyone needs a friend like Jimmy in their life, Aaron is a lucky guy (and a true, ethical, noble journalist). But we all need to look after the Jimmy’s in our life – because this will all eventually take its toll. Look out for your friends. Sometimes, you’ll be judged and remembered more for what you didn’t say, rather than what you did say.

  4. I watched a segment where Kyle ripped the piss out of a black guy for defending the Confederate flag, even though his grandfather had been the reason he was doing it. He came across as smug in that video, and put me off him.

  5. A lot of kyles audience took him up because Jimmy promoted him and now a lot of his viewership are reminding him that they are on Jimmy’s side hahaha dumbass

  6. Ana threatening to me too Jimmy was the NUCLEAR moment. Before that they were just feuding and could maybe reconcile some day down the line.

    But when they tried at failed to metoo him, that was Sollozzo putting out the hit attempt on Vito Corleone.

    That makes Kyle Fredo, freezing in terror, dropping his gun, and collapsing into a pool of piss crying "PAPA!!! PAPA-AAAAAAAA!!"

  7. What Kyle meant when he said he didn't like what Jimmy said about Ana's skirt was he didn't like how Jimmy told the story ON HIS SHOW. So I think Jimmy misunderstood there but to be fair to Jimmy, Kyle should have been more clear. He meant some descriptions during Jimmy's show which both Kyle & Krystal found to be "cringe". Check out their comments on their segment, they actually say that Jimmy's retelling of the story with his commentary was kinda cringe. Take note, Jimbo.

  8. to be fair with tyt jimmy has been going after tyt for some time now, it looks like anna took it personal and wen after jimmy personal but this is what normally happens when u go after somebody and criticize them…

  9. lmao "kyle then talked to hassan instead of me! that is not staying away from the issue! hassan is related to cenk!!! so he clearly is with him and against me obviously!!!" guilt by association huh? that's some right wing thinking my dude

  10. U are so right jimmy, coming from a trump supporting/no way creepy grampa won guy. I love ur humor even when it hurts, keep up ur excellent work.