Kyle Rittenhouse: “Accountability is Coming”

Very based.

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  1. How about Kyle.. pushing for a Federal TRUTH IN MEDIA LAW… basically making it illegal for news stations to say ANYTHING that isn't proven true.. OR if its an OPINION they MUST say that at the beginning of ANY Report. Stiff fines for fake news.. Fines for twisting or changing news for your own agenda.

  2. Hope he gets a nice big chunk out of em. Even Bidet but more importantly, I want to see them publicly apologize to him. That what I'm hoping for. I want a public acknowledgement that they were full of shit.

  3. I better see all these news sources and social media get broken down into literal pieces. Losing money doesn't mean shit to them since foreign investors will cover for them. It's time that the leaders actually lose their rights to "monitor the internet" and news sources to actually post real news and not fear mongering

  4. I still can't support someone who's first lines on a national TV interview after the trial was that he supports the BLM movement. It's made him seem immediately disingenuous. He's either telling the truth and this he's a naive idiot. Or he's lying to project that he does in order to help his defamation cases, which means he's a liar. I don't like either. I don't think he represents everything people want him to represent, I could see it in Tucker's reaction to some of things Kyle said that he realised that.

  5. kyle literally being handed the golden path to shut up every single company pulling strings to direct the publics view where they want is possibly the most amazing thing were gonna see. full support on accountability, media companies need a reality check

  6. Iden refused to retract his statements about calling Rittenhouse a white supremacist, in a shooting involving only white men… I really hope he sues Biden and the WH for defamation.

  7. Am I the only one who thinks everything Kyle did after the trial was completely unnecessary and just makes him look bad? I was really happy he was acquitted, then I see the news hes meeting with trump and all this other crap. Like didnt someone say he wanted to "put this all behind him and live a normal life" going on all these news platforms and conferences is just such a bad look.

  8. Off topic: About a year ago I watched an anime that was so fucking good I couldn't watch anime for a month after. All I remember about it was depression and loneliness. Now I wanna make a 3X3 and I can't remember it. Please help whoever can or wants to

  9. Nick Sandman got millions from NBC a few days ago. Question. Can anyone especially a lawyer show me in the constitution where anyone has a right to a business license? All media regardless of size or content are required to have a business license because they are a business. Telling lies constantly is fraudulent business and is against the law. A law that no political person has the balls to enforce.

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