Kyle Rittenhouse SLAMS Joe Biden For Defamation, Uses Legal Term Hinting HUGE Lawuits Incoming

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  1. as a sperate note i want to say how dare you slam other for not suing and then to hand wave away why you don't claim your are not actionable. not everyone one is veritas they cant risk essentially have there lives destroyed if they don't win. I have to win to cover the cost of even suing them if they dont they end up destroyed in legal cost even more when they get counter sued to for "monetary losses".

    what im beat around the bush is that big corporations don't actual want to go to trial so they will drag out the process forcing you keep paying into it in the hopes that you will drop the case before it can even go to trial. most people do not have the money to go all the rounds with a big company so demanding that everyone ruin there lives by picking a fight that they cannot win purely from the lack of being able to pay the lawyers fees is disgusting.

  2. I get your point, but I wouldn't be so sanguine about allowing communists/socialists anywhere near positions of power. These aren't just authoritarians, they are rabid religiously dogmatic authoritarians. For example, suppose our government was run by Christian conservatives. And suppose ISIS leaders were running for political office. Would you say, well, they're just religious ideologues too, so it's really no worse. Um, no. However bad a government run by Christian conservatives might be, leaders of ISIS in positions of power would be far worse and destructive. Authoritarianism is one thing, but authoritarians that hold their views with religious fervor and that are bent on destroying the economy and wholesale violations of rights and denial of freedom would be far worse than your run of the mill authoritarians in power now.

  3. When you get someone who is in the public eye and in a position of power like joe biden saying bad things about you, it will have an influence to your life. I hope he takes joe and wins heavily in court. Squeeze him till he squeals! Joe didnt even apologise for what he said.

  4. If there were laws Kyle Rittenhouse wouldn't have had to defend himself. A guy that raped 4 underage boys is released? Oh wait the guy that murdered 6 and wounded 40 in the traffic accident. Liberal ideas dont work.

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