Kyle Rittenhouse Targets MSM With Initiative To COMBAT Alleged Lies, Floats Suing Whoopi Goldberg

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave consider whether individuals should have legal recourse for misleading or outright incorrect media coverage.

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  1. The reporting on Kyle Rittenhouse was intentionally full of malice, that’s the real issue I don’t think anyone wants to actually destroy someone’s career or livelihood over some accidentally misleading or false statements that weren’t said with direct malice and poor intent. This comes back to the idea of allowing people to be human and make mistakes, but these statements that were made about Kyle Rittenhouse were in direct alignment with intent to harm and create fear anxiety and resentment over a specific narrative. That was all said within the realms of a design for the narrative at hand. That should be illegal, and punishable no matter what side it comes from no matter what reason someone has. Calling the sloppy is quite an understatement.

  2. It is one thing to get a story wrong then you print a retraction it's another thing to say someone is this or that did this or that news organizations need to be held to a higher standard because they reached so many people and the Repercussions to that individual are so Severe. You have to put yourself in that situation if someone says you're a horrible person that's their opinion but if a news organization says you're a horrible person and they reach millions of people and now you can't get a job or secure a contract or go to college that is that is a very different thing. Is that create actual harm and damage. This young man has had death threats And so has his family and let's remember he was found not guilty.

  3. Good point about OJ — it's permissible because what you're saying is you believe the jury made a mistake. The white supremacist charge is a better situation: it's slanderous when you make that disparage someone without ANY sort of evidence whatsoever. There's simply NOTHING available which allows for making that claim against Rittenhouse — therefore it's quite strictly "slanderous."

  4. So let me get this straight, Kyle goes on Fox news, the channel that started fake news and lies in just about every single segment to announce he is suing the rest of the media for false claims? Wow, well he will be disappointed to find that neither fox nore cnn msnbc etc can be sued as they have all proclaimed in court that they are not a news show they are opinion shows to avoid libel cases in the past. All of them claim to be entertainment not news whenever they get sued, Fox included.

  5. Destroying a young man's reputation so dishonestly, and inflaming people to the extent, that he could not feel safe in his hometown or Kenosha, having received countless harassment calls and death threats, must not go unpunished. It wouldn't be just it wouldn't be moral. They need to pay for the trauma and stress caused to Kyle and his family.

  6. When you lie about someone or something for your own political gain or motivation and it has clear direction and purpose of outcome, and it is also repeated and propagated by other people who benefit from the same lie, it moves beyond the realm of just making a false statement. At this point it's almost akin to inciting a political riot or encouraging violence.

  7. Clearly, Rittenhouse is being led by the nose. He's simply the (very vulnerable) face of this effort by right-wing groups who are simply using him as a tool. I kind of doubt Kyle has the fortitude to be the point man of this group considering his shameless display while on trial. This ought to be interesting because SO MANY PEOPLE consider Tucker Carlson "news media" when, in fact, he's simple "entertainment" as FOX has often claimed so he'll be exempt from Kyle's Kops. But that means a definitive statement will have to be delivered, and Tucker's Show will no longer be allowed to have the Fox News indicia in the lower left corner of the screen. Careful what you ask for and advocate, Tucker…

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