Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Day 6 – Gaige Grosskreutz Testimony

We are on Day 6 of the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. Today is the day the state has suggested they will call Gaige Grosskreutz to the stand. This is the state’s star witness and may be the last witness they call in their case in chief. Should be explosive!

Grab some whiskey and join us.

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Written by Rekieta Law


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  1. Defence cross-examines the officer

    "so did you do anything with the fact that he had an AR15?"


    so… you said you believed he was a threat, but you did not confiscate his rifle? Weird..

  2. "Fuck around and find out" – "Fuck with us, as we will fuck with you"

    This would not, or should not, be taken as a THREAT unless you are one of the people who want to "fuck around" or "fuck with them", or in other words, attack them, set fire to their stuff etc.

    You often see the phrase "fuck around and find out" along with a version of the gadsden flag (admittedly used by many militias). The snake ready to bite back.

    There is nothing inherently wrong with a militia. If you live in i.e a rural city, and you gather your neighbours and discuss plans/protocols if the town would be attacked, wildfire, floods, you are assembling a militia.

  3. First day of open invites for others. This is when things really get good! Thanks for keeping us all engaged in the legal process. More live trials with all the lawyers please! 😀

  4. After the first altercation, Kyle immediately calls his friend to let him know, then runs in the direction of the obvious police presence. He's stopped by vigilantes as he's going for help.

  5. 1:27:36 note the filename: it starts with 082520 but ends with 082521 [X-files theme starts playing].

    Probably someone did a thinko while renaming a downloaded file with an essentially random filename.

  6. Watching this back. People are talking about Gaige's testimony, but that detective is also very terrible. He admitted to colluding with the prosecutor about Gaige, then he talks about Rosenbaum chasing Kyle and he doesn't call that chasing. Gaige was also against calling it chasing. At that point I have some very heavy doubts about anything that comes out of your mouth. Especially not when the prosecution is asking questions. I hope the jury thought the same thing when he said Kyle raised his gun.

  7. Watching this back shouldn't the defense have objected "not in evidence" when the detective said he raised his gun? Yes they had a video (lower resolution we know now, but didn't at the time), but this is very specific and the defense didn't see it in the video at all. The prosecution needs to lay the same evidence so the defense knows what's coming and can prepare for it, that didn't happen at all. Making this sound like new evidence.

  8. That firearms examiner is so shrill. She definitely doesn’t leave the lab. She needs to work on being natural, it sounds like she memorized a script and she is reading it in her mind, with force

  9. Binger knew all of this and actively covered it up from the jury. No way had he not been made aware of the lawsuits, no way did he not know Gauge chased Rittenhouse down, no way he didn't know his connections to peoples revolution, no way he didn't know he lied about dropping gun, no way he didn't know what was possibly on his phone, no way he didn't know his conceal to carry permit had expired and no way did Binger not know his gun was pointed at Kyle when he was shot. He deliberately held back information from the jury in what is supposed to be the DA finding the truth, not acting just to win a case!

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