Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Is Mass Red Pilling Normies & Ardent Lefties


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  1. My only beef with this video is that people are JUST NOW REALIZING THIS. I’m no genius. Far from it. Why could I follow this case as it happened, from the moment it happened, and these people couldn’t? Only now? Really? You never took thirty seconds to look into what happened? Into a case that you had an opinion about? What do you even base your opinions on, then? Do you not research them beforehand?

    What is WRONG with people, man?

  2. The left and the media's obsession and promotion of black Supremacy and allowing Wicked evil politicians such as Cori Bush and fellow black supremacist arlena Presley the comment promote and push forward and genda a black Supremacy needs to be resisted and called out for the racism and evil that black Supremacy is

  3. Dr Julius Sumner Miller always used to say. "Question everything" He was a bloody good scientist and had a way of teaching things that you remember and even today at 72 years old still talk about him.

  4. This whole fiasco is like a dirty Western Movie.. The rich rancher, owns
    the saloon, owns the sheriff and most of the land, owns the mayor and
    so what he say goes, What he do wrong is ignore or he has his ruffian
    bullies to oppress the town folks and farmers but when the folks or
    farmers do anything wrong or even right, his corrupt law officers will
    decide what is or not illegal and put you in jail or hang you or take
    your land. It's just this FUNDAMENTAL and we have all seen it in all the
    Western movie BUT YET WE LET IT HAPPEN or NOT NOTICE IT… How F-Up is

  5. leftist & liberals are so cognitively challenged – they jump to conclusions & buying the lies of media & democrat politicians. So those scum will continue the crap

  6. Whenever I try to talk to someone who only gets their information from the MSM I get labelled a conspiracy theorist and laughed off. But to me, the fact that they only get their news from one source and refuse to even acknowledge things like context and facts cries out that it is indeed them that are the conspiracy theorist, openly furthering the agenda of the MSM without ever questioning it. And sadly the reason they don't question it is because they simply don't want to. The reason they laugh my facts off is because the thought that they could be wrong, that the world isn't as black and white as the MSM tells them, is scary to them as it would make them question everything they know and hear. Many simply prefer to sleep with ignorance rather than be awake with the truth.

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