Lab Leak Theory Given HUGE Boost With NEW Documents & Interviews: Ryan Grim

Ryan Grim breaks down new reporting from Vanity Fair about the NIH’s possible funding of gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China.

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  1. Do you guys keep this terminally boring host on staff, specifically to give him the stories you want to be able to say you covered, but in a way so dreadfully without passion that it moves nobody?

    Just asking, because this guy has as much charisma and energy as a rice- biscuit.

  2. So has the media reported anything that was factual and accurate in the past two years or more. Everything that wasn’t true or a conspiracy is slowly becoming facts and truth.

  3. ”failure” is the operative word.

    But the media said, we should “trust vaccines,” these were after all made by the same hearts and minds that cured Polio, right?

    Great Stuff! Absolutely great!

  4. This is my theory…I guess, the origin of Covid-19 was originated in one of the secret biolabs in Ukraine (dr. Mengele’s legacy)…then, setup to explode in China…to coverup traces and create an illusion of plausible deniability…and at the same time to destroy its economic competition and promote liberal democracy…yes or no?

  5. Why is that regular people were correct all along?! Everything minorities and so-called conspiracy theorists stated have turned out to be true so far. Fauci should be prosecuted….smh

  6. Ya, us conservatives have been saying this for years. You 2 called us conspiracy theorists for it. We didn't forget that. Hypocrisy at its finest right here. You 2 are a joke.

  7. This is amazing why are we all listening to "Vanity Fair"? There is no way I would've ever thought that Vanity Fair would ever be the leading edge for truth. Not because they're not capable, but because I never would've considered them an interested source for this kind of truth-seeking information. Thank God they are, legitimate truth sources are few and far between these day's.

  8. And nobody's asking questions! The man responsible for this virus is it asking where the virus originated. President Brandon is it asking where the virus originated from. The mainstream media isn't digging into this pandemics origin. Walmart, Amazon, and all these big box stores that get everything from China aren't asking questions about the origin of this virus. Nobody's challenging the fact that data has been deleted data has been covered up and data has been manipulated.

  9. Look for the vid on Daszak and Raccionelo, filmed Dec 2019, released May 2020, Daszak openly explaining what he has been up to. Some scientists appear to be very proud of what they have achieved, evidence in clear sight, 'journalists' just can't see it.

  10. This was really well done. And you both summed it up perfectly at the end. Two possible scenarios, either of which critically endangers every member of the human species.
    Journalists might also consider investigating the still unsafe sample collection practices in that area. There was an old npr interview with Daszak around May of 2020 where experimenters went and messed with bats in the field. The safety protocols of those collection incidents were arguably careless if not completely reckless (as in, not enough gear worn, etc.).
    Hilariously, there is probably a pretty good argument to take military action against those bats. The Chinese military should possibly bomb or gas every batcave known to have coronavirus species in that region of China. Those particular bats are a great danger to humanity. And killing them is probably a better strategy than messing with them.

    And yes all bioweapons labs on earth should be immediately decommissioned and destroyed. Any country that refuses should be severely punished by every other country.

  11. Of course Fauci had the job of developing a virus to get a good pandemic going. He did this in secrecy and that is why it was never registered as gain of function. Global masters then used this to start the pandemic whilst leaders carefully placed people in posts of control. aivermectin could have destroyed their perfect plandemic and that is why they went to massive lengths to destroy it

  12. The better question is why is the US collaborating with people they label as enemies on risky research? Fauci is the US in this and the idea that he is out there just playing with viruses on his own is laughable. I feel like this story is another attempt to remove US liability for their role in a global pandemic. I guess we'll wait for Trump to get reelected and then blame it all on China while americans chant "freedom" in the background. Hey maybe we'll get another war.

  13. Maybe they released the pandemic on purpose cause Taiwan was protesting them as well as Trump doing so well with the economy. And threatening theirs. For the first time U.S was going to pass China’s economy. I think they didn’t realize how dangerous it was though. Many scientists died in the lab and went missing or were whistleblowers.

  14. Your all missing the point. Why did they want to create virus that could wind up killing the world's population. These people are evil. They and those funding this travesty should all be charged with crimes against the people of the world and genocide for delivering this pandemic upon us. Ask yourself why it was allowed to escape . I believe this was a test run of a weaker strain remember… Fauci and Bill Gates both ( predicted ) this pandemic and they have said another more infectious strain was on the way. Strange how they ( predict ) the future and the deaths of millions but then it all falls in line with a speech Bill Gates gave about sustainability and how we need to depopulate the earth to a population of just 500 million.. less than one states population for the whole world. But who lives and who dies . I think we all know who

  15. And they banned David Icke for talking about this…. Man, they should ban Legacy Media, and the ones putting pressure on YT to ban people not afraid to talk!

  16. Why are they saying it was a lab leak? You develop a virus that is potentially dangerous and you place it in a tube and rest it on a shelf after spending untold millions? After you develop a product you have to test it. For some scientists, knowledge from research and the money that follows is more important than human life. This is why they continued with gain and function research.

  17. Rising back to these lab leak stories because it gives them good ratings. A effort to discredit the lab leak conspiracy doesn't mean a lab leak worked. Both things can be true at the same time.

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