Labor is increasing taxes

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Tax and spend, the Labor way. Remember we will be paying in the end.


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  1. Will this extra income be used to fill potholes on Sydney roads ? Damn, there are so many of them now. Whenever I drive, it reminds me of that trip to regional WA. It's crazy. Is filling potholes another one of these jobs where they require "20 years of Australian experience" ? Because I did that in Europe when I was 18, it was part of my first summer job.

  2. This country has gone to shit. We haven't had any real leadership for such a long time and I don't see it changing anytime soon. They're literally going to milk any hard working Australian to death.

  3. Why shouldn't they draw tax from companies making billions on resources that all Australians have a stake in , it's only fair some of the extra goes towards the services we need

  4. you asked what happened to the mental health facilities…

    Well, the Gov shut down most of the dedicated M/H facilites which inevitably had Corrective Services take on the more difficult patients when said patients would end up 'breaking' the law.
    Not that said law breakers knew what they were doing, they didnt, but whats happened in our legal system over the last 20years is the criminalisation of mental illness.
    Despite this being illegal and goes against Human Rights Commission articles and international law, what you will find is that there are many people whove commited crimes under the influence of their mental illness OR theyre systemically mentally ill.

    The courts see mental illness as two different things.
    The first is being mentally ill, which is a systemic physiological illness & in the nature of one being ill.
    The second is the notion of having a mental illness. Meaning an acute response be it organic, medically influenced such as adverse effects of SSRIs and antipsychotics, (you'll find that ALL skool shooters in the US were on prozac, zoloft or other SSRI when they perpetrated their crimes.)
    You'll also find that these Karen outbursts and all these inappropriate social behaviours are exhibited by people who are on 'anti depressants' and not taking them correct.
    Nowhere will you ever see a person of sound mind behave in the way someone who is , or has been, on SSRIs. Be it stopping cold turkey, genetic disposition to SSRI, drugs conflicting with other drugs, Liver & kidney function screwing with the drugs effects which exacerbates sideeffects… the list goes on…

    Point is, is that actual mental health facilities, like Calan Park out near leichardt in sydney and pretty much most specialised services in sydney have been shut down. The old funny farm, crazy town, white room, whatever else you call them, are now run from individual wards within most hospitals like Prince Alfred in camperdown or Liverpool.
    If the patient requires security accomodation, or theyre a risk to others or have violent tendencies, they'll be taken into custody under some bogus charge and taken care of in jail.

    One patient in Long Bay i was studying was so insanely violent, that NSWHealth (who run the joint) had one inmate on such heavy drugs, that they had to put nappies on the inmate. THEN they had ANOTHER inmate literally care for this guy coz they had the dosed inmate SOOOOO doped up on sedatives and antipsychotics & every other drug you can imagine that he'd regularly piss and shit his bed.
    He couldnt manage living by himself, in or out of jail or mental home… so the OTHER INMATE cared for him & cleaned his cell and managed his meds etc in return for afew perks like free appliances, his own cell, extra work pay, extra perks and zero harrasment from CS staff etc.
    Mind you, corrective services are making a mint with the medical bills and care needs of this patient, but they werent the ones doing the work, the other inmate was..

    Another bloke who was in for manslaughter due to unmanaged mental illness was on zoloft (you'll find zoloft is NOT to be used by patients expressing bipolar symptoms, but NSWHealth label depression as bipolar on the inside… this way they can justify over-medication and cover thier asses when the patient has an adverse reaction to the drugs…
    Avanza and Seroquel are like lollies in these environments.
    BUT this patient, despite his psychotic break, is doing a full sentence, and for his parole and beyond, he will be staying in a dedicated mental home.. but as they dont exist, he'll literally be in your local Hospital that has a psych ward…

    Turning the QLD FEMA camp into a accomodation for the homeless or mentally ill or those who cannot self sustain would be a great idea.
    It wont happen though as theres no money in it, and by pushing these inmates INTO the gov systems and making those patients DEPENDANT upon daddy government, is what they want.
    And what they do within jails, typically expands to include the general public…
    This way they have more control over your faculties.

    The point to all the above is to NOT believe a damn word that comes outa these liars mouths…
    Coz as they turn difficult patients into inmates, precedents are set and consideirng what they get away with, what do you think theyre gna do when they deem you a patient who is mentally impaired and unable to be cognizant
    Coz where they claim this money will go to, ALREADY has a substantial budget and support & like you stated, maybe if they adress the cause of the problems and explore WHY people are having mental health issues, they wouldnt need to tax everyone else as a means to adress the problem THEY caused in the first place..
    Its classic gaslighting to hold us accountable and expect us to pay to fix the problems and deal with the aftermath of the BS they antagonized and continue to perpetuate, costing us money by the minute while they give themselves pay rises for a job well done…

    Modern day slavery at its finest….

    In this case, with the taxes, charging a tax to accommodate a mental health policy has to be THE lamest excuse in implementing a tax.
    Thats all BS and will definately be abused once everyones attention is turned away.
    Funds will be misappropriated and considering the nature of what the cash is supposed to target, were gna start seeing a medicated nation on the heels of the USA .

    Oh one other thing, pharma fund and also receive gov grants for studies and services and basically for operating in AUstralia.
    Now I wonder, which pharma lobbyists & what companys were involved in the lobbying which has new taxes intro'd so as to fund some cause, which is courted by pharma (and psychiatrists who are in the pockets of pharma & which is most of them due to the fact most specialists, if not all, make bonus cash for prescriptions fulfilled or monthly quotas are met (in reference to writing out a script & gettin paid for using Drug A over drug B… )

    So where is the money from these taxes REALLY going?

  5. Just my thoughts, throwing this out there. Anna P Father and Dr Jeannette Young husband is in the medical background, could this be a scheme to put funds back into their, and partners pockets. How many other political hierarchy have medical institution background that will collect these funds. Starting to look like the American health system more and more. Also just heard that NZ nurses are sleeping in their cars between shifts, because the nurses houses are full with doctors and higher up people.

  6. If people want free Services such as childcare someone has to pay for it The old adage its easy to give away an embarrassment of riches but hard to get it back, In the 1980s during the recession we had to have I used to have to pay provisional tax based of last years earnings at the start of the fiscal year to ensure the tax guys got there share before you went broke.

  7. wait, so when an employer pays you wages they pay a tax on that, and when you receive it you pay income tax? Sounds a lot like ebay/paypal lol double bite of the cherry

  8. Just another TAX increase as we getting to use to in Australia! now look at the NSW Stamp Duty DEBACLE and it goes on…. There is no incentive to run or own a business in Australia. Ive been a licened Builder for 30 years where I never seen so much red tape latly with Taxes and Home Owners Warranty Insurance (call restriction of trade)! We have won housing awards etc over the years however we are on our last contract build and have decided to complete this for our client and then walk away!

  9. It looks like they need payroll tax money to update their website. My accountant told me it is 700K in Victoria this year! Not sure what to beleive. People are talking about updating the tax system in Australia for the last 30+ years. Yet, nothing happens… And nothing will happen. They increased the minimum wage and people will pay more tax. Very sneaky way to tax people more.

  10. How about taxing the multinationals exporting our gas tax effectively? Oh can't have that can we! The notion Australians should be compensated for OUR natural resources and not some foreign entity. There are plenty of sources for tax without punishing our real economy. How about we stop subsidising the property bubble for starters and start redirecting the tax sustem to target asset bubbles, resource exports and multinationals rather than individual and business income to perform actual work as opposed to supporting those that sit on property or fleece the country of natural resources?!

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