Labor MP calls Victorian workers worried about jab mandates science deniers.

Labor MP Jaala Pulford (Minister for Employment) failed to give a clear answer to Liberal Democrats MP David Limbrick on whether employees (Authorised Workers) are required to be vaccinated and what protections are in place for employers enforcing these rules under the current unclear circumstances.

Jaala Pulford instead characterised working class Victorians worried about their jobs in the face of unclear rules about vaccination, as science deniers. David Limbrick was also taken to task for doing his job as a parliamentarian and engaging with members of his community concerned about this issue.

Accusations have also been made in the Victorian Legislative Assembly that David Limbrick was called a right wing extremist by Labor MP Stitt for asking about the requirement for all authorised workers to be vaccinated.

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. Meanwhile the whistleblowers who DEVELOP the vaccines, including some renowned ones that worked for Gavi (a direct line to Bill Gates) are telling us NOT to take it as its too risky. But that isn't the 'right' sort of science that fits the covid narrative.

  2. You probably wouldn't find a first aid certificate between the lot of them. No business talking about anything they have no knowledge of, without citing credible references other than science….which no one has so far as I know seen?

  3. The science is not allowed to be discussed and the raw data is obfuscated from the public, so I must assume that what is being discussed here is the new “Political” science on which public denial is growing, and boy is it great to be a “Political” Science denier. I am always proud of that. It is just impossible to “shame” a “Political” Science denier, you might as well try to “shame” people that like to breath for breathing. What these politicians mean in all this is not that we should believe the science, but rather that we should believe the selected scientists. Like, we are to ignore scientists like the Pfizer scientist that gets played into admitting that natural antibodies are better because he mistakenly said the truth out loud when we are supposed to only listen to the scientists that are speaking through the political filter of a draconian overlord. Pay no attention to the Scientist behind the curtain, only look upon the Great and Powerful Manifestation of a Scientist that the Government places on the stage before you, like Oz before the Cowardly Lion, the ill informed Scare Crow, or the indifferent Tin Man, those are the roles we are meant to play as the manipulated public before this true straw man which is the “Political” Science construct of true Science. Keep up the fight against this tyranny, it is happening all around the free world, and it needs to be stopped.

  4. Everything the Victorian Government says is taken from advice…. When the truth eventually comes out… "It wasn't us that caused this catastrophe… It was the health experts…." Just watch….

  5. To the contrary , we aren't science deniers, but science affirmers. If she cared to do even a hint of research, she may come across Dr jane Ruby on the Stew Peters Show, Rumble, talking about 35 groups of scientists, lawyers and doctors from the US, Japan, Germany, and one other country , who have studied the contents of the Mengele shots from all 4 manufacturers and have put out the warning to media outlets across the world that anybody who continues to promote this, from that time-forward, are guilty for crimes against humanity.

  6. The Australian constitution protects me from a forced medical procedure. I reserve the right to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, any entity that requires me to vaccinate.

  7. Interesting how simple questions aren't even answered…I'm vaccinated, I fully understand the scientific evidence being fairly well educated, I do oppose mandatory vaccination given law in this state supports choice…and also have concerns handing over the vaccination certificate that contains my private medical information…also protected by law. Why is this government so opposed to transparency???

  8. Sitting in there playing with people's lives. They disgust me. Worst part is they know our state has crossed the line of no return , people are suffering and have lost everything…yet they don't care. Just following their sick narrative. They make me sick

  9. I would say that virtually no one in the world has the opportunity to make an "Informed Decision".
    All 'endorsed' sources, as determined by Big Tech, push only one side of the Information, with barely a mention of the other.
    As exposed by Project V, even factual information is being suppressed, at its source.
    I'm AZ doubled and way more comfy with traditional tech than new tech in this context.
    It's about Informed Choices.
    BTW: If you're not jabbed, you should be (to put it mildly) but I support your Freedom of Choice,

  10. A person who hasn't lost a single days income telling people how to run their business and who they can employ. Did someone tell her that under her Governments watch 111,000 small businesses have gone to the wall as a result of lock downs and restrictions?

  11. And minister could you please explain the science behind the decisions made, or are we just expected to trust the one and only authoritative source?

  12. Thanks for exposing this. These are the people running the state, if an individual is in doubt, the people running the state will crush any opposition. Science is not the point here, it's the policy

  13. How did she get into the parliament? Did she get money from the pharmaceutical giants? I heard that they spent tens of millions of dollars on persuading Oz governments to push mandate and boost shots. I kinda feel that today people use science as a tool to control others just like what happened in Catholic churches during the middle ages. True science is critical thinking, not obedience.

  14. Things are going to get worse, much worse, and when the proverbial really starts to hit the fan even the most brainwashed and braindead will begin to realise what has been done to them. When this happens, there will be nowhere for these people to hide. There will be no amnesty for these criminals.