Labor Wins

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  1. Can't wait for Labor to turn this country around. Liberals have run this country into the ground, by building nothing and basically schemes that funnel the money into their own pockets or those close to them at the countries expense. EVERY single way they can. NBN was the biggest example, what a disaster. I hope Labor can fix that, plus high speed rail. Our country is HUGE, we NEED this connecting our cities!

  2. If you think the commies Labor party is going to fix anything, you are delusional. If switching between Labor and Liberal is the solution, then why are we in such a mess? Because nothing changes. Only concerned with protecting their cushy jobs and the next election. Wake up.

  3. Fuck sake Jordies, can you guys please put in the subtitles?!!?!
    The "auto-titles" are so far off… trust me, watch them back

  4. yeah i hated watching election night,
    the talk about female politicians and climate change vote had nothing to do with fuel been $2.30L Interest rate increasing, saving accounts worth nothing and also my local DR not able to bulk bill but no i voted labor party for the first time because of female representation and climate change.

  5. RIP Australia, two wings of the same bird, now we are left with the ones that signed the lima agreement, fasten your seatbelts folks, I am old enough to remember their disasterous homefund scheme and their17% interest rates. The very ones that started our devolution, and those stupid Greens that stopped the collecting of firewood out of forest and hampered backburns are responsible for fire intensity of bushfires

  6. Disappointing and not sharp… and a bit … drunk?? all over the place… I think it was a historic change — lowest primary votes for both parties… biggest cross bench ever… 12 Green senators … possibly the beginning of the end of the two parties. The teals — well, I thought they were hugely significant because they targeted the libs safe seats and *won* and did not divide the other vote that goes to ALP via preferences so… also — non-career politicians are in parliament. Yep it could all go pear-shaped but… can't be worse than it is now and a *lot* more regular people might just stand at the next elections… I really only watch your channel for political commentary … but this one is just all over the place… 🙁

  7. didn't know qld cooked their votes on libs, i live here but after the fires/floods and scomo tackle in tassie, he had to go. labor got my vote. wa is my birth state and tassie i grew up there both awesome places, its shit that tassie went three headed with voting

  8. Labor and Liberals are the same when it comes to the decisions they make for the people. The only difference is that they have different overseas corporations friends that they give all the huge contracts to and end up closing small businesses and the farmers.

    Look up any major company name, type in 'who is the major shareholder of (company name). I guarantee you will see Vanguard, Black Rock, State Street. Our politicians serve them, not us

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