Labour Party Faces Collapse


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Written by Mahyar Tousi

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  1. Mahyar should we be sending food parcels to the Labour HQ?

    How can they call themselves LABOUR PARTY. When non of the supporter have jobs. Surely they need to be renamed?

    Maybe they should be called "the desperate party"

  2. She shows the world she is respectful of her god, yet turns out to be a dishonest, deceitful, and a hypocrite crook posing as above reproach. But then aren't all politicians? ??

  3. I support George Galloway over the results in the Batley election.
    If the white working class voted Conservative and if the Pakistani Muslims voted for George, how did Labour win?
    Corruption all round.

  4. Up here in the north, the Labour party already collapsed. They had to sell their former constituency offices in Blyth. its being refurbished for a new business now!

  5. The majority of hard working English will never vote for this rabble, so they can go join the snp and the rest can jump back in their dingy's.

  6. That's good and all Mahyar but can we speak about the TRAITORS in the conservative party who are more like the communist party taking away our civil liberties like a totalitarian dictatorship?

  7. We need an opposition badly but not Labour. We need a strong party right of Conservative that pulls the Conservatives out of Communism to the centre right ground. .