Ladies And Gentlemen… WE GOT EM!


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  1. Governments, bored billionaires, Big Corp., are proving themselves more useless, every day. OUR lives have been turned upside-down & inside-out for their benefits, without any positive returns. Surely, Humanity sees that they are not worthy of OUR time or investment in their piles of poisoned manure…???

  2. If anyone has friends who need help on how to vote in 2024 just remind them that under Trump our economy was flourishing, we were energy independent, and our borders were secure. Meanwhile we went through years and years of Russian collusion investigations that we find out was a hoax started by Hillary not to mention thy spied on him and raided his home and still have ZERO on the guy….

  3. I closed my messenger and facebook account, as well as my Savage Sun artist page that had more than 8,300 fans. Dont be on their social media site is the first thing everyone should do.

  4. This nazi govt lead by democrat criminals must be destroyed and replaced. Thank God the elections are soon and if they cheat again it will definately be time for alternative means to an end.

  5. The battle isn't even close to being finished, even when the Democrats/Globalists look like they're done, they're never done. These people are evil. This is a war on your mind, on your heart, on your fears and hopes, this tribe of people will not stop until you're all completely, and utterly under their boot. This is why they can't be allowed to.

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