Lady gets SHOT With Pellet Gun Trying To Take Trump Sign, Says It Was An Accident

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  1. Funny story about stealing Trump signs I have a friend that is a trump supporter steals this nice trump sign from this rich neighborhood and puts it up at his house and tells me " hey times are tough got to do what you got to do to support the president"

  2. She was doing something wrong, now she is going to get some old guy in trouble when she started the problem. What a horrible person, but it seems that part of being on the left means having the mentality "By any means necessary" or "the ends justify the means. Is it any wonder people think the Democrats will try and steal the election, If the rank and file have this philosophy why not the leadership?

  3. Nah he should have shot her with the pellet gun. I can do nothing but support shooting people with BB guns when they do things like this. These people can’t keep doing whatever they want with impunity. I’m glad it wasn’t a real gun, while I’m ok with defending yourself and your property with force up to lethal, I detest violence and lethal force should only be used in the most dire circumstances. BB guns don’t hurt that much, I’ve been shot eith them, pump, spring, compressed air, plastic, metal etc. it’s not a big deal.

  4. The one with the spikes, it was a woman who kept running the sign over. It was only after several times he put a board with nails. She tried calling the cops on him for damaging her car and wanted the guy to pay for her tow and tires. She was driving on his lawn, damaging his lawn and his property and she had the gall to try and turn it on him as being the bad guy…

  5. Another Biden supporter that justifies criminal behavior for her political opinions. BB pellets won’t cause permanent damage…most of the time. Biden supporters need to learn to keep their hands off other people’s property. She could’ve waited and spoke to him before removing it too. Her argument goes both ways.

  6. If you go to steal a sign from someones property and you get hurt by razorblades…thats just a casualty of criminal business. Just like if youre a convicted rapist and you try to walk into your sexually assaulted victims house that has a restraining order against you and you get shot by the police that she called there to protect herself and her children…a casualty of your criminal record.

  7. Back in the day, you know what happened to thieves? They got their hands chopped off. Before the day, you know what happened to thieves? They were crucified. I find this all…very mild.

  8. It's just a pellet gun. Don't mess around in folk's yards. Trespassing?? YOU bought guns Tim. You don't get it. Yeah. Don't touch people's stuff. You need to get off your "everyone should just get along" high horse

  9. He should’ve lined the sign the back with mice traps. I wonder if she’s from ny. Many liberals hVe moved down to North Carolina

  10. Why isn't she being criminally charged. In the state // commonwealth I live in she committed 2 crimes. She is a LIER , the man should not have been charged. Socialists have serious mental disorders.

  11. She’s clearly full of crap and she’s lying, but he was really stupid to do that and he will probably get busted for it. It’s not deadly but it is just a stupid choice. And you said in some states you’re allowed to shoot people for going on your property that’s not the case they have to be threatening you and refusing to leave. You can’t just turn around shoot somebody on your property just because you feel like it Hass to be a justifiable reason

    Now as far as booby trapping the signs, even electrifying them, I think that’s hilarious and those people deserve it. And she probably deserved this still but it was a little extreme. It also depends on the kind of pellet gun, there are pellet guns that can kill you and then there’s stuff like airsoft which is just going to staying in unless you hit somebody in the eye you’re not really gonna hurt them. Either way it’s not a firearm crime because a pellet gun is not a firearm.

    That being said the left are a bunch of criminals and repugnant assholes, taking down the signs is illegal, it’s private property and that is theft or vandalism and that’s a crime. It’s just like these fake peaceful protests, yes peaceful protesters are fine and nobody’s complaining about peaceful protesters but when you protest and commit a crime it ceases to be a protest and becomes a criminal act and those people should be arrested and prosecuted and stuck in prison where they belong. Anyone being violent anyone attacking cops anyone destroying property anyone committing any crime, all of the rioters and when the police Close down an area and they refuse to leave then they are trespassing and that is a crime as well. I understand the purpose of civil disobedience, Rosa parks and such but Rosa Parks went to jail and she knew she would because she committed a crime. These idiots think they’re allowed to do whatever they want and that that’s somehow OK in the name of protest and it’s not, and just because you’re too stupid to know better doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be thrown in prison where they belong. Nobody’s complaining about peaceful protesters, It’s the violent and the rioters and the criminals

  12. Many airguns are damaged if dry fired. The guy should have shouted again. Back to airgun…
    Most people wouldn’t recognise the sound of airgun as a danger regardless.

  13. "Perhaps he shouldn't have shot her with a pelet gun." I wouldn't convict him for shooting her with a real gun. My tolerance and sympathy for criminals is gone. I am fully on board with oking lethal force against not only home invaders, rapists, muggers, etc. but also against thieves.