Lamestablishment Field is PATHETIC, so They’re Actually A-B Testing a Clinton 2024 Campaign

They’re nuts:

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  1. after having SELECTED demented ancient joe, the dems can never tout the age issue again. any time they bring it up all one has to do is just say; "creepy joe was how old?"

  2. The Dems are collapsing as a party. They’d have been better off to have given 2020 to Trump. They’d be better off running Liz Chaney or even Jeb. The only thing that United them was Trump. In a very ironic way, Trump protected the public from the full force and failure of these policies. They’re already changing their rhetoric. Focus groups say they need to adopt America First policies to survive as a party. Of course this has nothing to do with Trump. BTW, that’s why they hate a figure like Marjorie Taylor-Green is threatening she won’t let them get away with that. That’s basically what Clinton did in ‘92. There’s an old joke that Reagan’s greatest creation was Clinton.

  3. Styx They Planned On CHEATING Like The Voter Intimidation called Ballot Harvesting and Buying Ballots From The Homeless Like In 2020! Thank God Their Plan To Eliminate Voter ID ILLEGALLY Failed! I Say It Is ILLEGAL Because We Are Guaranteed A Republican Form Of Government! So When You Intentionally Pass Law That 80% Of The Populous Opposes That Is A Clear Violation Of Our Constitution! So In Their Plan To CHEAT!! Proven By The 2016 DNC E-MAIL LEAK (Not A Hack! As Crowdstrike Testified Before Congress! " There Is NO EVIDENCE That The DNC SERVERS WERE EXFILTRATED!" The Reason They Spun The Distraction Of Russia Collusion! Look Over here Don't Read Our E-Mails! We Saw it Again In 2020 Where The Leading Candidates Dropped Out Of The Race So They Could Select The Brain Dead Old Fart!
    In Every Democrat party SHIT-HOLE We Have Looked At! There Are 10's Of Thousands of Ballots Without The Legally Required Chain Of Custody! law That Is In Place To Prevent The Ballot Box Stuffing We Saw In 2020!!!
    So The Democrat Candidate Does Not Have To Have Real Support From The OWNERS!! We The People!!!!
    It Is Like They Have Forgotten The Well Established WOrld Wide Precedent Of The People Exec~~ing Tyrants In Our Public Square! The Reason Our Forefathers placed Checks Into Our Law Over The Privileges Called Powers We Extend To Our Servants !! Not Leaders As That Terminology Or A Synonym For It Can Not Be Found In Our Constitution!!!
    These Checks That Are Now Being Openly Violated And Ignored By The LOW Branch Of Government! The Judicial That Only Legally Exist During Times Of Good Behaviour!! Article III Sentence #2 USC!!!!!
    So When There Is Not A Single State In Our Union With A Justice System That Has Anywhere Close To A Passing Approval rating From The Owners, We The People Of Said State! There Is No Such Thing As Tradition They Call Precedent Or Case Law That Outweighs The Terminology Of Our Constitution! So How The Hell Is Openly Participating In An Organized Refusal To Obey The Terminology Of Our Constitution, While Using Armed Force To Perpetrate These Seditious Acts, All While Maintaining FAILING APPROVAL RATINGS Year After Year Construed Or Interpreted Into Even A Perception Of Good Behaviour?
    After The Civil War We Amended Our Constitution To Specifically Deal With The Enemies Of Our Constitution And Those Who Are Giving Them Aid Or Comfort ie A GD Democrat!!! So We Can Use The Oath Of Office And The Terminology Of Our Constitution To Forcibly Remove From Our Offices These ENEMIES Of The Authority Of The United States! Our Beloved Constitution!! And Require They Get A 2/3 Vote In Both Houses To Remove The Disability Their Behavior Placed On The Privileges We Extend To Our LESSER!! Amendment 14 Sections 3-4
    And Where As We Have Granted Them The Privilege To Create Law To Enforce This! No Where Have We Granted Them The Privilege Of Excusing These Seditious Actions!
    We Provide A Way For Our Servants To Amend The Law That We Clearly Place Above The Privileges Or Powers We Grant To Them As An Extension Of Our RIGHT OF SELF GOVERNMENT!! But It Does Not Involve The LOWER Branches Of Our Government At ALL!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey Styx, I think I can guess what you'd say here but as things are now with the Durham stuff implicating Hillary how do you think that factors into what they're trying to do with this?

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