Langford Jones Homes Collapses #constructionapocalypse

#recession #construction #heisesays
Another residential builder in Victoria, Langford Jones Homes, has collapsed and is being liquidated.

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  1. Like I have said many times before its the BS lockdowns that have destroyed the economy , the last nail in the economic coffin and the politicians don't give a flying F@#$ !!.

  2. Corruption and more corruption , just have a look at the crappy cement they use building the high rise around Australia , it's all corruption and when these crooks (Politicians} face justice I and many people might get some confidence in the building industry !!.

  3. The old prices go up and up . Builders pay more and more . All on super low interest rates. To interest rates return to normal. YES NORMAL . They haven’t even gone above normal yet. Now asset prices are far to high. More than people can afford. Demand plummets, listings skyrocket. Capital gains are lost, price of momentum of gains are lost. Deposits can no longer be found from leveraging. I my how no one sore this coming. Crashing interest rates and massive QE. How utterly stupid

  4. As someone in the building industry for a long time take me back in the 80s and 90s where you could make money and live. Now the billionaires are getting richer especially over the pandemic and normal working people are failing. Sad world we live in now.

  5. I remember a fire 🔥 that took out all the records of a large insurance co. in Sydney a long time ago , Kerry Packer commented that it was a very good fire 🔥 ! I wonder if hacking is the new fire 🔥 🤔 .

  6. All were jubilous when govt was manipulating the economy playing various narrative and printing money to stimulate a downward trend. Just wait and watch the destruction these corrupt govts have done to working class with people being pushed into poverty and homelessness, once their savings gets evaporated due high cost of living and no income once recession fears highten.

  7. You consistently remind the viewers of the "government juicing", but what about the fact that the builders got greedy taking contracts and cash for jobs that they were incapable of delivering? The majority of builders going under appear to have over 50 homes incomplete. As for labour shortages referenced in the article, where are the workers that are now out of work going? There are apparently hundreds of these unfortunate tradies now.

  8. I've spoke to the person whom was asked to pay for the entire build upfront. I believe the person who asked her was in fact Sam Langford-Jones. My dream of having a pool isn't going to come true, as the costs to complete my build at todays prices vs nearly 2yrs ago will most likely cost me an extra $100k-$200k. I didn't pay for any more money than what my contract required me to pay. At the end of frame stage I have paid 45% of the contract price for a frame only!

  9. At least the name of the company owner is in the name of this company, so wherever he goes people will say “oh your the owner of the now defunct Langford Jones Homes who asked upfront payment for a home build”.

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